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5 Ways Certifications Can Boost Your IT Career

Information technology (IT) is a dynamic industry and a great place to start building a vibrant, exciting, and long-lasting career. Since technology changes so quickly, there is a great need for a highly motivated workforce willing to keep up with the changes in the industry. If you’re looking to make a new start in your […]

Taking a QuickBooks Course is Not Enough if You Want to be a Bookkeeper

A lot of people, including some business owners, think that to be a bookkeeper is a simple matter of learning some accounting software like QuickBooks and plugging in the relevant numbers. While a good handle on technical processes is important, it’s not sufficient for good bookkeeping. Bookkeepers need to cultivate knowledge and skill in a […]

Straightforward Security Configuration Protects Sensitive Data From Data Theft

Protect Your Sensitive Data From Theft Technology evolves at lightning speed today, and the ways our information can be compromised also continues to evolve. With the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT), it is now more important than ever before to ensure we protect sensitive data from theft online. Keeping passwords, personal data, financial […]

Cloud Computing: Private Cloud vs Public Cloud

The concept of cloud computing has been around for years; however, the technology and security that makes cloud computing possible is quite new. These days everyone from Netflix, Amazon to Apple has some sort of cloud infrastructure so the question is, “What is Cloud Computing and why should you be excited about it as a […]

Job Outlook: Medical Insurance Claims Auditor and Medical Insurance Claims Processor

The landscape of the healthcare industry is ever-changing; new technologies and advancements in previous technologies (including eHealth and telemedicine) have resulted in a growing demand for healthcare workers in all aspects of the industry, and medical insurance claims auditing and processing is no exception.

Hospital Billing Training: Advance Your Healthcare Career

If you enjoy typing, are highly organized, precise in your work, and are able to obtain the required certification, then hospital billing may be right for you. Keeping patient records confidentially and handling customer service issues are also necessary requirements. Getting an education in hospital billing will allow you to perform tasks such as compiling […]

10 Questions Answered on Medical Billing and Coding Specialists

When it comes to healthcare work the variety of roles and responsibilities can get confusing. В Medical administration positions also require different skill-sets and responsibilities, depending on the workplace. Medical Billing and Coding Specialists are an integral part of healthcare clerical, but what is included in this career path?