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Accelerated Online Training for Medical Assistant and Pharmacy Technician Jobs

Our healthcare programs teach you everything you need to know to launch a successful career as a Medical Assistant, Medical Billing & Coding Specialist, or Pharmacy Technician in only a few months!
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Why Choose CCI Training Center?

100% Online Programs

Nearly all of CCI’s programs are offered in a 100% online format that makes it possible to train for a new career from anywhere.

National Accreditation

Expert Instructors

Our expert instructors with real-life experience in their field prepare you with the skills you need for professional work settings.

Small Class Size

Small class sizes of our programs, create a highly collaborative environment and access to individual help as needed.

Flexible Schedules

Our online programs offer flexibility, ideal for individuals with family, work or other responsibilities.

Fast-Track Career Training

Our online, accelerated programs allow our students to prepare for a new career in just a few months time.

Weekly Live Lectures

Our programs include online lectures and discussions with experienced teachers, to better prepare you for your certifications.

Financial Aid

CCI Training Center offers several financial aid options that can help you fund your career training including Federal Financial Aid, Scholarships & WIOA Funding.

What Our Students Say

We strive to become the best online career training school in the United States. See for yourself what our students have to say about our online and hybrid programs.

I feel elated. I feel proud of myself. I’m very grateful to have finished this program and thankful to have a new skill set for my current career. I enjoyed the instructor for the way they presented each lesson for each Subject. I definitely would recommend CCI to other students. It is a fast track program that pays all that you don’t have to be in school for two or three years to obtain a certification that can assist you in moving forward  in your career path.

Natasha, Healthcare Graduate, Medical Billing and Coding Program

Well CCI pharmacy tech program made me interested in joining it because it was something quick and available at first i was looking for a job like a quick job but at the workforce center they had called me to the desk my caseworker he called me to the desk and he advertised to me that they had this program so i checked it out and it was convenient it was a well-paying trade job which was something i was looking for my experience.

Dawaylus, Graduate, Pharmacy Technician Training Program

I just finished the computer and network administration program. I feel good about completing the program. I feel like it was one of the best things that i’ve accomplished since i moved to texas the thing i like the best is that when i first came to CCI I didn’t know like i know i wanted to learn more about computers but i didn’t like know like exactly what i wanted to do so this experience with CCI helped in different tracks a lot.

Khadijah, IT Graduate, CNA Program

I just recently completed the mma program at CCI training. I feel like I accomplished something that I really  wanted to do for a long time. I like the experience that I had here at CCI training, the hands-on experience that I received when I was doing my labs and the instructor Mr Marion is  very good at instructing us how to do our lab work and stuff. Right now I’m currently working at the externship site.

Jose, Healthcare Graduate, Medical Assistant Program

I decided to enroll in CCI first and foremost my dreams and aspirations for the IT career when I saw that CCI was going to be working alongside with CompTIA just felt like that was going to be a great foundation for me to have I chose a security program and what I like most about it were the teachers .They did a great job of blending in the material with our students learning and being able to make sure that all of our students felt comfortable enough to be able to finish the program.

Josh, Healthcare Graduate, Medical Assistant Program

I just recently graduated from CCI training in the business and accounting field i’m pretty excited i’m ready to start the thing i like best about it was definitely the scheduling i was able to have a full-time job still come home go to school take care of my children and being a parent that’s very important for me so that really worked for me the next chapter will be i’m getting back out there getting something in the accounting field.

Casie,Healthcare Graduate,Medical Assistant Program

I got hired on at a clinic and became the clinic manager within the first week of being there Wow so we’re at instead of women’s clinic and relay so my teacher was fantastic not only did she teach us everything that we needed to know from the school but she taught us everything outside things that aren’t in the books how to deal with certain situations real-life things that come into clinics every day.

Morgan York,Graduate Medical Assistant Program

I just graduated from the pharmacy Texas program. It was great. I had a lot of fun here. The experience was amazing. The instructors really helped me understand I was able to actually talk about the things that I learned here in my interview and it gave me the edge to get the job well. I’ve actually already started working at CVS so I’m excited about where that takes me. It’s a fun experience and I would definitely recommend it to anybody else.

Miaga,Graduate,Pharmacy Technician Training Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Federal Financial Aid, Scholarships & Texas Workforce (WIOA) Funding

Professional Career Training is an investment in your future and there are a number of financial aid options available for funding your choice of career training programs. A dedicated Financial Aid Representative will assist you in determining which financial aid programs you qualify for and design a Financial Plan that best suits you.

Learn More About Financial Aid Options

Your relationship with CCI doesn’t end with graduation. Our Career Services professionals help with internships, externships, job fairs, networking, resume preparation, interviewing, career assessment and much more!

Learn More About Our Career Services
Enrollment in full programs requires U.S citizenship/permanent residency. However, you may enroll in individual classes without meeting the above requirement.
There is no cost to apply for admission to the school.
Admissions requirements include proof of high school graduation/ GED, passing the assessment exam, passing the admissions interview.
Yes! We are currently offering 100% online accelerated training in our Medical Billing & Coding, Pharmacy Technician, Medical Assistant programs.
Absolutely! Our training programs are perfect for people looking to obtain certifications and skills to advance in their current career path.

Our Career Services professionals will work with you during and after your time here at CCI to help with interview skills, resume building, networking opportunities, job fairs, internships, and more. Our goal is not only to help you obtain certification, but also to assist you in finding a job in your chosen field. Even after graduation, our Career Services department is available to you as a resource.

Learn More About Our Career Services

That’s okay! Our Admissions Coordinators and Career Services Professionals can provide Career Assessment tools and will spend time with you to help you find just the right program.

Learn More About Our Career Services
No! A high school diploma or GED is all you need to apply.
No! You do not need any prior work experience CCI Training will teach you what you what you need to know for an entry-level position in your chosen program of study.
Yes! Our online classes are led by instructors who are experts in their field and have real-world experience. They are available for online individual support as well.
Yes, if you have attended class regularly and fail, retake it at no charge within one year.
Yes. Many people feel apprehensive when they consider entering a field in which they have no experience or training. That’s what CCI Training is for! We teach you all the fundamentals you need to get trained and certified to start a career IT, Healthcare, or Business & Accounting. Our friendly and helpful Admissions Coordinators will work with you to answer any questions and address any concerns you have right up front. They can also help you find a program that meets your interests, skills, and dreams.
An allied health certification offers a myriad of benefits to anyone interested in a health care career, including:

Increased Appeal as a Job Candidate: obtaining an allied health certification puts you ahead of others competing for a health care position. It demonstrates to prospective employers that you are hard-working, motivated, and dedicated to your health care career.
Increased Earning Potential: Even for positions that do not require an allied health certification, obtaining a certification can still increase your earning potential, as employers know you are ahead of the curve in terms of training and education.
Improved Career Trajectory: An allied health certification is a terrific way to not only enter a meaningful health care career but also to advance your current career.
Job Security: The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that healthcare occupations will grow 16% between now and 2030, much higher than the national average for other industries. Healthcare workers are in high demand and those with an allied health certification bring even more value to employers.
Career Flexibility: Due to the wide variety of careers available to allied health professionals, becoming certified opens a myriad of career opportunities nationwide.

CCI Training Center is proud to have completed 40 years in service.