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Career Services

CCI Training Center students and graduates receive assistance with their job search, including access to career counseling and assessment, interview prep, internships, job fairs, networking, and resume help.

CCI Training Center Prepares You
for an In-Demand Career

Advancing your education doesn’t have to mean spending the time and money on a four-year college degree.
Prepare to begin a new career this year! All you need is a high school diploma or GED to begin an accelerated program at CCI Training Center.
Programs are structured with your future career in mind. All CCI Training Center students take a Professional Development course as part of their program.
Career Services is a resource for you before, during, and after your time as a student. We’ll help you become a competitive candidate with:

Student Assistant Services

Need someone to discuss your career options with you? Looking for guidance while you navigate the job market? Career Services is only an email or phone call away.

Career Assessment

Before you begin your studies, CCI Training Center offers career assessment to help you determine the best program to fit with your personal and professional goals. After you graduate, you’ll also receive guidance as you navigate a new job market.

Resume & Cover Letter Assistance

Never written a resume before? No problem! We’ll walk you through the best way to showcase your skills and experience. We can help you through the revision process as you tailor your resume and cover letter to a new industry.

Interviewing Skills

We know what employers are looking for, and we’ll help you meet those expectations. Get ready for the next step of your career with a prep session, including a mock interview and advice.

CCI Training Center Helps You Find a Job

Though your time at CCI Training Center goes by quickly, you’ll always be a part of our network.
Graduates receive:


They aren’t as intimidating as they sound! Depending on your selected program, an externship may be one of your final requirements. During this course, you’ll work with a local employer, applying the principles learned in the classroom, gaining hands-on work in your field, and building your professional network.


Work and learn while attending school! While not a required part of your program, the Career Services office can help you gain hands-on experience by finding an internship. These temporary positions allow you to meet employers while getting an on-the-ground look at jobs available in your chosen field. Depending on the employer, internships may or may not be paid.


This course is the culmination of all you have learned at CCI Training Center. Your practicum combines instructor-led classroom theory with a hands-on project in your field. Practicum courses also include career development skills such as resume writing, mock interviews, and job search assistance.


CCI Training Center works to connect current students with alumni, potential employers, local community leaders, and industry members—all of whom may offer guidance, resources, and opportunities as you make your way into a new career.

CCI Training Center is an Employment Resource

You don’t have to wait until you graduate to begin gaining experience in your industry. Depending on your program, you may jump into the job market with:

Post-Graduation Assessment

You’ll be supported and prepared to apply for your new career. You’ll take a Professional Development course prior to graduation, and you’ll receive help from your instructors and career counselors as you determine your future path.

Employment Assistance

CCI Training Center graduates are always welcome to contact us for continued employment assistance. We’ll keep your resume on file and help connect you with current opportunities in your industry.

Are you a CCI Training Center Graduate?

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Contact CCI

Do you have questions about Career Services? Contact Career Services Coordinator or give us a call.

Contact CCI

Do you have questions about Career Services? Contact Amy Castro, Career Services Coordinator at [email protected] or give us a call (800) 777 3939.

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