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Level–Up Your Career with Online Business & Accounting Certification

Training in business and accounting is one of the most versatile steps you can take to advance your career. Every business – from a small business to a large corporation – needs employees who have training in the core principles of business operations and finances.  

Certification in Business & Accounting from CCI Training Center can help you land an office job with great hours, competitive pay, and an opportunity for career advancement in virtually any industry. 

In only a few months, you can be on your way to the business career of your dreams. You don’t need prior experience in business or a degree; all you need is a high school diploma or equivalent to qualify to apply. 

Who Benefits from Training in Business & Accounting?

  • The Change Seeker: Many employees are tired of dead-end jobs with little-to-no opportunity for advancement, hours that don’t fit with their lifestyle, and low pay. A Business & Accounting certificate opens a world of new career possibilities. 
  • The Entrepreneur: If you are looking to start your own business, this program will teach you the skills needed to understand how to run your business smoothly and efficiently. 
  • The Up-and-Comer: If you are just starting out and are interested in a career in a business or office setting, a Business & Accounting certificate can give you a leg up on the competition. 
  • The Seasoned Professional: If you are already a business professional, earning a Business & Accounting certificate helps advance your career by honing your skills and your knowledge of business principles, operations, and finance. 

No matter where you are on your career journey, earning a Business & Accounting certificate demonstrates to an existing or potential employer that you are dedicated, hard-working, motivated, and have the knowledge and skills needed to understand how businesses operate in today’s world.  

What if I Don’t Have Any Prior Experience in Business?

No problem. No prior business experience or education is needed; all you need is a high school diploma or equivalent to apply. CCI Training Center’s experienced instructors, who have real-world business experience, will teach you what you need to know.

How Can I Fit Business & Accounting Training Around My Busy Schedule?

CCI Training Center’s Business & Accounting program is 100% online, making it ideal for those with additional professional and personal responsibilities. Learning is done through instructor-led online classes that promote student-instructor interaction and teamwork with others in the program. Instructors are available for one-on-one support, at no charge, when needed.  

Are Financial Aid Options Available?

Yes! CCI Training Center understands that education and career training is one of the most valuable investments you can make and offers several financial aid options to those who qualify. As an accredited institution, CCI Training Center students also qualify for federal financial aid. 

CCI Training Center Business and accounting graduates

How Do I Get Started?

The first step is to connect with one of our friendly and helpful Admissions Training Coordinators. They are there to help you understand the program, how it fits with your aspirations and current lifestyle, and answer any questions you may have.  

From there, they will guide you through the admissions process and get you enrolled in CCI Training Center’s accelerated Business & Accounting training program. Fill out a “Request Information” form to get started: 

What Happens After I Graduate?

Unlike a four-year degree, CCI Training Center streamlines your path to an office job in business by only providing the courses that will directly help you in your career.  

From the moment you enroll, CCI’s Career Services counselors will help you analyze your skills and suitability for different areas of business and provide guidance for where you should focus your job application efforts.  

Career services are offered free of charge and include:  

  • Job search assistance 
  • Resume prep 
  • Interview assistance 
  • Career assessment 
  • Networking opportunities 
  • Job fairs 
  • Lifelong employment assistance 

Our dedication extends well beyond preparing you for certification exams or classroom teaching. It is our goal to help everyone who graduates is more successful when they leave than when they enter. If needed, courses can be retaken for free. 

CCI Training Center’s Business & Accounting program doesn’t simply prepare you for success in business, it also helps you build relationships. Your network of contacts is one of your most valuable tools in whatever industry you choose.  

Our Career Services professionals are available to you after you graduate, too. Anytime you have questions or concerns, they are always just an email away. 

For more information, contact Amy Castro in 
Career Services at: [email protected]

What Graduates of the Business & Accounting Program Have to Say

“I thank you CCI Training Center for allowing me to increase my business knowledge. Thank you to the staff for their availability, and always being there to listen to us and find creative solutions. Thank you for being there for me.”
Lydie M.
Business and Accounting Graduate
“I chose CCI Training Center because it’s a good program, it’s accelerated, and I was already interested in accounting. The accelerated program can help you get your foot in the door of the career that you chose, and I chose accounting. The best day of my life was walking across the stage [to get my certificate] and looking at my daughter see her Daddy graduate.”
larmarkus business and accounting graduate
Lamarkus M.
Business and Accounting Graduate

Don’t put off your dream of success in business – in whatever form that takes for you. Contact us today and start on your new, exciting career path! 

Interested in business and accounting training courses, but not quite ready to make the leap? No problem!  

One of our training coordinators is waiting and ready to help answer your questions at (800) 777-3939. They can provide more information to help you with your research and decision process. 

business and accounting online student

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