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Companies Changing Cybersecurity Strategies

Cybersecurity Strategies And Beyond Once upon a time, a typical system for network security consisted of firewalls to secure network traffic and antivirus solutions for use on user devices. Today, as simply watching the nightly news will tell you, network security requires more defense against hacking than ever before. Companies are suffering network intrusion and […]

Google Certificates Equivalent to Traditional Degrees

How many times have you’ve seen a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree under the requirements section in a job posting? Too many to count? Well, the future is looking brighter for those without traditional college degrees, thanks to Google Cloud certifications. Partnerships with Schools Google recently announced another partnership with a company that connects employers […]

Q&A: Junior Cloud Engineer

CCI Training is a trusted higher-education partner, helping entrepreneurs and people seeking an entry-level Junior Cloud Engineer (JCE) job explore new and emerging opportunities. We offer advanced online training courses for those looking to move up the technology career ladder. Employers also benefit by providing CCI as a resource for staff and managers who want […]

Cloud Computing: The Next Big Thing In Computer School Training Programs

The Beginning of Cloud Computing The concept of cloud computing has been around for more than a half-century, long before vocational computer school training programs were offered online. The actual term is believed to have been used for the first time in 2006. Google CEO Eric Schmidt first brought the topic up during a conference. […]

There Is and Will Continue to Be a Shortage of Cloud Computing Experts

Shortage of Cloud Experts? The cloud computing field has grown exponentially for the past several years. That might indicate that there are plenty of jobs available in this field, but is that true? Yes! Companies are struggling to fill positions that require cloud computing experts. Why are they having such a hard time filling those […]

How Cloud Computing Will Change The Industry

Cloud computing is revolutionizing the IT industry. Every year an increasing number of businesses are recognizing the value of cloud-based servers and systems. As virtually all companies undergo this shift, jobs and roles will be forced to change. The shift from in-house IT departments to IT full-service companies Before the advent of the cloud, IT […]

5 IT Certifications That Can Help Launch Your Tech Career

5 IT Certifications That Can Help Launch Your Tech Career

Choosing a career path is arguably one of the hardest choices that can be made. There are so many unknowns. Do you have the right training for the field, are you going to enjoy your work in years to come, what does working in this industry even look like? These are all questions that could […]

Why I.T. Certifications Matter

Proof Positive Stated plainly, earning a certification is proof of your knowledge, skills, and commitment to your chosen profession. You have put in the time, great effort and ultimately passed the test. It is a clear indication that you have taken your training seriously and that you completed certification requirements. While you may already have […]

Up and Coming Changes in Electronic Medical Records

Electronic medical records are essentially a digital version of the paper records that medical practitioners use to keep track of patient information on a regular basis. Though these records, also commonly referred to as EMRs, are still a relatively new technology, they have been able to revolutionize the way medical professionals operate on a daily […]