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Category: Work and Life

Balancing Your IT Career and Life

Starting a new career can be an exciting but overwhelming time in your life, especially if youВ have justВ landed a job in the IT industry.В So, before you get fully immersed in your new careerВ createВ a plan to help keep yourВ job and home life balanced. IT is a Fast-Paced Industry According toВ an article onВ,В “if you pick the tech […]

5 Items to Succeed in an Online Career Program

Now that you’ve made the decision to go back to school, learn how to succeed in your online career program. More and more school programs are moving to online or hybrid formats in 2021 and beyond. Make sure you’re set up for success by securing these five items that can help make your time in […]

How Should You Manage Your Time in School?

The phrase “time management” is somewhat of an anomaly since only events can be managed within a specific frame of time, but not time itself. Understanding this important aspect of time management may also help students avoid issues with procrastination and burnout, achieve their academic goals and cope successfully with work, family, and social dilemmas.

Overcoming the Challenges of Going Back to School

A common issue for students thinking about going back to school or making lifestyle changes, such as getting an entry-level job in health care, goes back to the challenges of returning to school. Time, money, and existing responsibilities can make people feel they cannot go back to school right now. However, you can overcome these […]

Productivity & Motivation

What motivates us in the workplace? Overall, people are motivated by a wide variety of things that are dependent on a wide variety of perceptions, lifestyles, needs and desires. The need for money and benefits is the major factor for motivating us to work, although there are some people who work for the satisfaction of […]

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