Overcoming the Challenges of Going Back to School

A common issue for students thinking about going back to school or making lifestyle changes, such as getting an entry-level job in health care, goes back to the challenges of returning to school. Time, money, and existing responsibilities can make people feel they cannot go back to school right now. However, you can overcome these problems if you know how to think about the problem and what to do about it.
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“I Don’t Have Time to Go Back to School.”

Time is one of the biggest reasons people choose to delay plans to go back to school. Getting a certification or degree takes time, and with the busy lives of parents, work, and family, going back to school can feel like a non-starter. However, the rise of technology, particularly the internet, has changed how students go back to school, helping them maintain flexible schedules.

How to Overcome This Challenge:

The simplest way to make time to go back to school is to not have the option to attend classes online. There will always be times when in-person instruction is necessary. For example, CCI Training Center uses hybrid classes that require one or two visits to the campus per week. The remainder is conducted online. This allows students to continue working and meeting other responsibilities while going back to school.

“I Need a Better Job Now.”

Another reason for putting off your education goes back to the need to get a better job now. Everyone wants a better job today, but that is an unrealistic expectation. Better-paying careers have different criteria and education requirements, and even an entry-level job may require a course of study at an accredited institution.

How to Overcome This Challenge:

As explained by MarketWatch, the key to getting a well-paying job faster is to select a program that allows you to progress quickly. In other words, look for programs that offer a fast-track solution to graduation and getting started in your new career. For instance, CCI Training Center offers placement assistance after graduation and has programs that allow students to graduate in a few short months. This is radically shorter than a traditional, four-year degree plan.

“I Don’t Know What Type of Career I Want to Pursue.”

Uncertainty when going back to school is common. You may have spent years in your current field, and figuring out what type of career is right for you is a challenge. However, you will not know what you want to do until you see it, and again, CCI Training Center can help.

How to Overcome This Challenge:

The way to overcome uncertainty is a two-stage process. First, write down things you like to do. This can be as broad as you want. The idea is you create a list of activities that pique your interest, which is used to help you find a career path. Next, do your research. Review available courses, and look for those that align with the activities you listed. Furthermore, consider visiting a campus that offers initial career counseling to help you realize what career is best for your needs. Also, this initial counseling should be free. If the school charges for it, move on to the next institution.

“I’m Still Worried If I Will Get a Job After I Finish School.”

With the instability of the economy fresh in your mind, even deciding to go back to school can feel overwhelming. After graduation, you still need to find a job, apply, and wait for the call for an interview. This fear of not getting a job after graduation is another reason people avoid going back to school.

How to Overcome This Challenge:

The best way to overcome this obstacle lies in finding a career program that works to help secure employment. Rather than selecting a traditional, academic institute, look for a job training institute. In fact, a job training center may offer an externship-like course to give you real-world experience. This in-person experience is key to increasing your chances of employment after graduation. Furthermore, choose a program that works to help students find employment after graduation. The simple fact is that not all schools offer placement assistance, so it is important to compare schools and select one that has a strong history of job placement and assistance. Inquire how the school plans to help you secure employment after graduation. Fortunately, CCI Training Center has this history, and this is another reason why people choose CCI Training Center.

“I Can’t Afford to Go Back to School.”

It’s time to discuss the elephant in the virtual room. Even if you overcome the above challenges, you still face the biggest issue—paying for school.

How to Overcome This Challenge:

Although many people go back to school, few have the cash ready in their pocket. Financial aid is a great help, but if you are like many people thinking about attending a job training program, you may think it is not available. Even a fast-track job training program may accept federal financial aid for those who qualify. Financial aid options include federal student loans, grants, private loans, pay-as-you-go payment plans, and even unique scholarships. When looking at schools, make sure you choose that is approved by the Department of Education (DOE) and accepts federal financial aid. In fact, the DOE can direct you to the appropriate website to find approved programs in your

Kickstart Your New Career and Apply to Your Preferred Program of Study

You will always have the voice in your head telling you why you cannot go back to school right now, but there is some good news. Every reason to not return to school has a solution that can be found with the right program and educational institution. Find out more about you can get on the path toward a better future with career training by visiting CCI Training Center online or calling 1-972-895-7055.


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