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Life After Iraq and Afghanistan

Life after military service in Iraq and Afghanistan poses a unique set of challenges, not the least of which is career transition. Most veterans are eager to return to a civilian career after military service, but high unemployment rates and a sluggish economy mean greater challenges for everyone. Competitive jobs for veterans are out there, […]

Families Are Benefitting from Post 9/11 GI Bill

The Post-9/11 GI Bill is a program sponsored by the Department of Defense (DOD). Signed into law in 2008, the purpose of the bill is to enable active duty military personnel and veterans achieve higher education levels. The bill can have widespread benefits for families, with the potential to improve socioeconomic status and quality of […]

What You Need to Know About Managing Student Loan Debt Like a Pro

As most students and parents already know, getting a good education could require a much larger financial sacrifice than it did in past generations. For instance, College Board found that the average cost of a four-year degree from a public university has tripled in the last three decades. Typical families just can’t save enough to […]

Getting Financial Assistance for Career Training

You’ve spent time daydreaming about changing your life, starting with changing your career. You know what you want to do and envision yourself with a new job, earning more money and doing what you’re truly passionate about. But once you wake from your daydream, you shake off the excitement you felt and tell yourself that […]

Student Loan Default – Don’t Gamble With Your Future!

Student loans are a very helpful option for almost anyone wanting to further their education. Where we may not have the funds to pay for classes, these loans can be a life preserver that allows us to get the training we want and hopefully the better job and the pay increase we need. Student loans […]