Medical & Health Care Career Training

CCI Training Center offers several health care career programs that are designed for working-class adults, including those with families, limited financial resources and time constraints. These programs teach students how to fulfill vital, supportive roles in the health care industry and offer excellent opportunities for career advancement.
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Medical & Health Care Career Training

Health Information Specialist

The Health Information Specialist Program at CCI Training Center gives students the skills necessary to fulfill medical records positions, working in health care facilities or doctor’s offices. Their duties include maintenance of health information, medical coding and billing and administrative billing tasks. Once experienced, these positions pay a good living wage, as explained in the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) website. Depending on the type of health care facility, medical records technicians may also work as a medical insurance specialist, reviewing EHRs and insurance billing requirements.

Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy Technician Program students learn how to use capsules, creams, solutions, syringes and other pharmacy items to help patients. They work under the direction of a licensed pharmacist. They may mix medications and prepare medicines for dispensing in hospitals, retail pharmacies and private pharmacies as well. In addition, students in this program gain additional skills as a phlebotomist and laboratory procedures—key requirements for pharmacies expanding medical services, especially laboratory work and vaccinations. According to the BLS, experienced Pharmacy Technicians make approximately $31,750 annually, and states are in the process of formalizing education requirements for these positions. In fact, Texas requires them to pass a formal certification which in most cases would call for the candidate to attend an accredited training program prior to sitting for the certification examination.

Medical Assisting

The Medical Assistant Program at CCI Training Center gives students the skills to prepare them for a career in doctor’s offices, specialized care facilities, hospitals and other health care organizations. They perform an array of duties, including assisting with medical procedures, providing direct care, handling medical office administrative tasks and more. In addition, CCI Training Center’s Medical Assisting Program provides key nutrition and weight management courses to further open doors to career options. These students make approximately $32,480 annually, says the BLS.

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Key Benefits of Choosing CCI Training Center to Continue Your Education.

Students that choose CCI Training Center to advance their careers have great benefits they may leverage, including:

  • Blended Classes. A key benefit of attending classes at CCI Training Center is the way in which students attend classes. Students complete coursework via a blended schedule, requiring only one or two on-campus classes per week. This helps working parents meet chaotic family and personal scheduling requirements and ensures students can attend school at their pace.
  • Financial Aid Available to Those Who Qualify. Few students have the cash in pocket to go to school, and CCI Training Center works with students to complete and submit their FAFSA, as well as apply to unique scholarships and grants, including the CCI Director’s Scholarship.
  • Day and Evening Classes. Flexible schedules for attending on-campus classes makes it easier for students to balance their work and familial responsibilities and pursue a health care career.
  • Smaller Class Sizes and Fast-Track Programs. Smaller classes are designed to help students intimidated with universities and traditional schools. These smaller classes help students succeed. Moreover, these fast-track programs help students get an education in about a year, essential for those needing a faster alternative to a traditional university.
  • Externships. Externships within programs provide real-world training and ensure students understand how to apply their skills in the work environment.
  • Career Placement. After graduation, CCI Training Center works with students to find and maintain employment in the field. This is essential to repaying student loans and achieving career stability

Enroll in Your Life-Changing, Health Care Career Program Now.

CCI Training Center offers focused medical career training programs, designed to give you the skills, confidence and practical hands-on experience it takes to pursue a healthcare care. Learn more by calling 1-972-846-8796 today.

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