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Spotlight on Certified Medical Assistants: At the Front Line of Patient Care

Healthcare isn’t just about finding cures or making people better when they get sick. It is also about prevention— limiting the long-term risks to your health. When we think of frontline clinical staff, we think of the physicians, surgeons, nurses, and paramedics who provide medical attention to patients, both in emergencies and day-to-day.

Five tips to prepare for certification tests

Good preparation is essential for success in your certification exam. By the time you sit for the actual test you need a detailed understanding of the topic including memorization of key facts and concepts. You also need to understand the format of the test thoroughly and be ready for the pressure and time constraints that […]

Secure Your Career Shift With Computer-Security Training

Five hundred thousand. That is the number of computer security jobs open in North America today. Globally, the number is around three million. Those with the right skill set, as well as those willing to invest a little time updating their knowledge-base, can virtually choose a career path and location practically anywhere in the world […]

Characteristics of an Effective Online IT School

Learning has been the cornerstone of human evolution since the dawn of time, and we value the benefits of passing on knowledge to future generations. Although transferring information from generation to generation is one of the oldest methods of securing the future of humanity, today a large part of our society is actively engaged in […]

To Hire Or Not To Hire: Your Social Media Profiles May Make The Difference

You’re looking for a new job. You’ve put together a professional, well-structured resume that displays your education, experience and amazing skills. Your interview went very well; the interviewer seemed very receptive and you are confident you are a great fit for the position. In fact, you may be the perfect fit, however; if you are […]

Find your ideal job by going back to school

According to the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Statistics (BLS), as of August 2014, 9.6 million people in the United States were unemployed. A substantial number of the unemployed are returning to school to enhance their career opportunities and help them find their ideal job. This can mean studying for a basic or advanced […]