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When you take the field in search of a career, it's people like CCI Training Center's Sonia Gomez that will ensure you get the home run you deserve. It's easy to forget that when CCI Training staff are coaching you for a job, it is also a step in their own career. Placement/Externship Coordinator Sonia Gomez has been in her position for almost two years and says that so far CCI Training Center has proven to be superior to other career schools she has worked for. "The staff, the support and the flexibility combined with the unique, hands-on course structure make each program at CCI Training Center truly special," she said.
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Cheering for both teams

Sonia Gomez with a CCI graduate. Sonia Gomez with a CCI graduate
Sonia’s job is tricky, assisting both employers and students to ensure a smooth externship experience. “As an externship coordinator at CCI, my job is to arrange and present the externship experience for CCI allied health students to potential employers in their particular field of training,” she said. “I show them the benefit of taking on a trainee as part of an externship or placement.”

“Together, we need to consider workflow productivity and ensure that each trainee is a pleasant presence, able to represent the workplace proudly,” Sonia said. “Playing a much-appreciated role in the development of a learning mind is a rewarding experience for employers. I take all of these factors very seriously, as it keeps CCI Training Center in great standing with organizations and ensures they will continue to take interest in our externs.”

It’s easy to lead the cheer for CCI Training’s students when they are all so driven to achieve their goals. “Every student is willing to learn, adaptable to different situations, and, most of all, ambitious,” Sonia said. “All our students aim for a successful future: they know what they have to do to get there and are working hard to get it.”

Coaching for a win

“For the students themselves, I am a career coach,” Sonia said. “Before the game is played, as their coach I need to make sure they have the necessary mindset, skills and gear, ready to take the field. I help them get their gameface on by providing resume advice, interview tips and critically assess their professional appearance.”

Sonia’s goal is to ensure each student can play the best game possible to score their ideal position. “Each individual has their weaknesses and strengths,” she said. “My focus is helping them find the position they will play best in, while ensuring they are still challenged. I want both employers and students to win the game and achieve the best outcome by having a successful externship experience.”

“My coaching role continues even after a student is placed in their externship. I provide encouragement to students throughout their job search. I share job leads and information from employers; recruiter contacts; what jobs are available; and, follow up on how their interview process is going. I’m their coach right up to the moment when I hear news of an alumni’s employment: they’ve made the pro league.”

A professional team

Every aspect of CCI Training Center is geared towards helping students get a positive employment outcome. “The environment is so positive with a real can-do attitude,” Sonia said. “I really enjoy working in a team that comes together to help, teach and deliver knowledge that is guaranteed to have a positive impact on someone’s future career.”

“Whether you are an instructor, a director, coordinator or an assistant, all the staff at CCI Training Center are believers in and advocates for anyone who considers becoming one of our students. The staff of CCI Training Center are so accepting. The instructors provide the foundations by encouraging the inquisitive minds of our students. We have a dedicated financial team providing advice and the right answers, who are truly interested in helping students with their learning investment.”

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Training flexibility

Flexibility is the key to the programs at CCI Training Center, with students able to create a tailored package that suits their lifestyle. The 2&2 Method means each week you can attend two on-campus classes and the other two days can be spent learning online.

Combined with the choice of day or night classes, training for the right career doesn’t have to interfere with your other commitments. “CCI makes it very flexible for a mom, dad or employee to continue their education without putting real life on hold,” Sonia said.

The practical, hands-on training makes the CCI Training Center different from other career schools. “The pharmacy technician program is super cool, students can make medications and compounds just like in a real pharmacy,” Sonia said. “The medical program is very detailed. Students actually get to practice in a ‘doctor’s office’ and learn how the job works in a real life scenario.”
Pharmacy compounding

Score a career goal

Located in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, CCI Training Center’s accelerated career training programs will give you the edge you need to kick-start your career. Providing flex-schedule and online training programs in DFW, with on-campus classes available both day and night in Dallas and Arlington, Texas. CCI Training Center provides the relevant skills and training to take advantage of employment opportunities in information technology/network administration, allied health and business administration/accounting.

With a wide range of certificate training available, CCI Training can help you to become certified and find a career in the Allied Health services as a:

To find out more how CCI Training Center can assist you in scoring your career goals, fill in the information request on this page. Alternatively, you can call our Dallas campus on 214-763-9889 or our Arlington Campus on 817-592-9399.

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