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Dallas Fort-Worth Employers are Hiring for Entry-Level Positions

entry level business and accounting team working at a small business

If you are interested in a new career or an entry-level position, the Dallas Fort-Worth area is full of vibrant, creative, and innovative people and prospective employers. In fact, US News & World Report ranked the DFW as the second-best place to live in Texas  Top industries in the area include technology, financial services, healthcare, and manufacturing. 

In this article, we’ll explore more about entry-level positions and talk about how to make yourself the best candidate possible.  

What Makes a Position Entry-Level?

entry-level warehouse associate

Just because a job is entry-level does not necessarily mean the pay is not competitive or it doesn’t have significant opportunities for career advancement. It simply means the employer is willing to hire people who do not have significant work experience in their industry or in a specific position. 

When people think of ‘entry-level,’ they often think of recent graduates from high school or college who are just getting started. While this is common, ‘entry-level’ also applies to anyone starting a new career in that particular field, at any age. Often, employers value adults who apply for entry-level positions as they come with more experience navigating in a work environment.  

Many entry-level jobs have titles that include words like “associate,” “assistant,” “specialist,” and “representative.” Typically, these types of positions are a fantastic way to get your foot in the door of a field or industry you are interested in, learn more, and work your way up in the organization. 

Types of Entry-Level Positions

Not all entry-level jobs are the same, however. It is important to review the job description to ensure the position is a good fit for your skills and experience.  

“Degree Not Required” entry-level positions indicate the employer is not requiring candidates to have an undergraduate or graduate degree to apply, and are open to those with a high school diploma or equivalent.  

“Entry-Level Jobs” may or may not require a college degree, so it’s important to read the position requirements for more information. Sometimes an employer will require a degree but does not require any previous work experience.  

“Professional Experience Required” entry-level jobs are less common, and usually indicates the employer is open to candidates with 1-3 years of experience in that field.  

If you do not have a college degree and have felt daunted by applying for some entry-level jobs, training to get a certificate in business and financial principles can put you significantly ahead of other candidates. 

Job Market in Dallas-Fort Worth

According to the job board indeed, as of the writing of this article there are over 800 entry-level full-time jobs within 10 miles of DFW.  

Examples of positions employers are currently seeking to fill are:  

  • Customer Service Representatives 
  • Marketing Associates 
  • Sales Associates 
  • Event Associates 
  • Energy Consultants 
  • Warehouse Operations Associates 
  • Test Technicians 
  • Benefit Specialists 
entry-level business accounting position

These positions can come with competitive pay, great benefits, and flexible schedules with remote work possibilities. Because of this, many people vie for these positions and the candidate pools for them are large. You want to make yourself as attractive a candidate as possible and start at an attractive pay rate.  

In many industries, particularly technology, healthcare, business, and finance, employers place a high value on candidates who have received training in their field, even if they do not have prior work  experience or a college degree.  

In business, for example, training in essential business and financial principles puts you ahead of other candidates who don’t have knowledge of what it takes to run a successful and profitable business.  

If you are applying for an administrative assistant position and you also have training in bookkeeping, you are going to be a more valuable asset to the company than a candidate without this skill.  

Skills training shows the prospective employer you are hard-working, dedicated to their industry, and have a foundation of knowledge for the position requirements. 

Dr. Martin Zandi President CCI Training Center

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