5 Reasons to Train for a Career in Healthcare

There has never been a better time to train for a career in healthcare, as organizations of all types seek qualified professionals for a variety of positions. Overall, the healthcare industry is positioned for high growth. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the healthcare industry will experience 16% growth from now until 2030, adding approximately 2.6 million new jobs nationwide.
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Many people think of healthcare careers as limited to doctors, nurses, and other positions that require extensive education. However, healthcare jobs encompass a wide variety of positions, and there are several entry-level healthcare career options that do not require prior experience or a college degree.

Healthcare Support Positions are in High Demand

Healthcare support positions, like phlebotomy technician, medical assistant, administrative medical assistant, medical billing and coding specialist, electronic health records specialists, insurance billing, and many more are in high demand. You can train to sit for a certification exam in these fields in as little as 28 weeks.

If you cringe at the thought of blood or prefer healthcare positions that have limited-to-no-patient interaction, there are also many office support positions available.

All these positions are a great way to gain experience in healthcare and can be a springboard for other healthcare careers, such as nursing.

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Reasons to Choose a Career in Healthcare

If you are seeking a career change, or just starting out in your career, healthcare jobs often provide competitive earning potential, flexible hours, benefits, the ability to advance your career, and more.

1) Variety of Career Paths to Choose From

There are many entry-level healthcare positions to choose from that only require a high school degree. Because of this, the candidate pool for these jobs is vast and it is important to differentiate yourself. Pursuing a certification demonstrates to a prospective employer that you are motivated, dedicated to the healthcare field, and possess the knowledge that will allow you to hit the ground running.

2) Variety of Work Environments

Healthcare professionals are needed in a wide variety of work environments, including hospitals, nursing homes, physical therapy offices, outpatient clinics, ambulance services, acupuncturists, specialists, and more. This allows you a lot of flexibility when choosing which environment works best with your skills and interests.

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3) Potential for Career Advancement

Entry-level healthcare positions allow many opportunities for career advancement. Whether you want to pursue a career in an office/administrative position or in a clinical position, there is a wide range of career paths to choose from.

4) Flexible Schedule Potential

Whether you seek a 9-to-5 job, a shorter workweek, or evening hours, there are healthcare positions that can meet your requirements. This makes healthcare a great option for working parents or others who need flexibility in their workweek.

5) Meaningful Work

Healthcare workers are our frontline heroes, especially in today’s environment. Whether you are part of the backbone of the healthcare industry in a support position like medical billing and coding, you are working with physicians and patients as a medical assistant, or you are working with the public as a pharmacy technician, you have the satisfaction of knowing you are helping people stay as healthy as possible.

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