Jobs that are in Demand for 2022

LinkedIn 'Jobs on the Rise' just released their list of the '25 U.S. roles that are growing in demand.' The roles emerging clearly reflect changing organizational needs due to the pandemic, evolving technologies, and increase in hybrid and remote working environments.
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The dramatic increase in employees leaving their jobs in pursuit of new and/or more meaningful work – commonly referred to as ‘The Great Resignation’ – coupled with employers’ need to restructure their organization’s hiring practices to keep pace with changing times, led LinkedIn to coin current hiring practices as #TheGreatReshuffle.

While all this change may be causing some havoc for employers, it is great news for employees and job seekers, as more opportunities than ever are emerging, especially in the competitive and growing industries of healthcare and information technology.

Additionally, more employees than ever before are leaving companies to start their own business or pursue consulting/freelancing careers.

This list allows job seekers to target specific roles, but more importantly, it allows them to gain valuable information about where the future of work is headed and pursue careers with long-term staying power.

According to a survey conducted by Resume Builder, 23% of employees are projected to leave their jobs in 2022, an indication that the changing work environment will continue for the near future.

The bottom line? Now is a great time to re-evaluate your career, your goals, and seek training and certification in three of the fastest-growing industries: healthcare, information technology, and business.

According to US News’ list of 100 Best Jobs in 2022, of the top 10 best jobs across all industries, the top seven are found in healthcare, IT, and business.

There has never been a better time to get an entry-level position in these fields and take advantage of the career advancement opportunities that will arise in 2022.

Healthcare Support Jobs are in High Demand in 2022

woman working in an in demand job in healthcareAccording to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the healthcare field is projected to add 2.6 million new jobs between 2020 and 2030; a 16% growth rate that is much faster than the national average for all other occupations. U.S News recently released the list of the top 10 healthcare support positions in 2022, which includes entry-level positions such as medical assistantmedical administrative assistant, and clinical laboratory technician.

Due to their popularity and entry-level status, the candidate pool for these positions is vast, and it’s important to differentiate yourself from other candidates to increase your chances of landing a job and raise your earning potential.

Training and certification for roles such as a medical billing and coding specialist, health information technologist, and medical administrative assistant allow you to enter the healthcare field, gain experience, network with other healthcare professionals, and seek career advancement opportunities.

How Business Training Can Advance Your Career

woman working in an officeHundreds of thousands of employees are leaving their jobs to apply their skills and interests to own their own business or pursue opportunities as a consultant/freelancer. While owning your own business is a highly rewarding career path it requires a solid understanding of business operations and principles as well as financial and accounting skills to be successful.

More employees stuck in dead-end jobs in industries like retail, hospitality, and more with little-to-no opportunity for advancement are seeking office jobs that provide better hours, career advancement opportunities, good benefits, and higher earning potential. Certification in business and accounting allows candidates for entry-level office jobs to demonstrate their knowledge, dedication, and motivation to prospective employers and stand out from other people seeking the same role.

Employers need people trained in business to fill entry-level positions such as executive assistant, administrative assistant, customer service representative/manager, office manager, sales representative/manager, and more. Certification in business and accounting makes you a much more appealing candidate as prospective employers know you understand how businesses work, basic financial functions and reporting, business principles, and more.

Training and certification in business and accounting through an accelerated program is a terrific way to acquire the skills you need to get an office job or start your own business in everything from payroll and accounting to communication to leadership and human resources.

Computer Networking Skills are in Demand for 2022

man training for a job in information technologyNetwork and computer systems professionals are in demand in 2022, especially following the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced many organizations to digitize several business components and reconsider the traditional work model. Many businesses now have a remote or a hybrid (partially remote) work model, which means they need more network and computer systems administrators to help manage their networks.

Did you know you can train for IT certification in a variety of fields without any prior experience or knowledge about IT? The jargon and technical terms used can feel intimidating, but anyone can train to get an IT certification with only a high school degree. So, no matter what your work experience or background, you can make the switch to IT at any point – whether you’re just starting out or want to switch careers.

An education in cloud technology and network administration prepares you for a myriad of opportunities in the information technology (IT) field. Network and computer systems administrators design, manage and maintain networks. A network is simply two or more computers connected together via cables or wi-fi. In the digital age we live in, almost all businesses use some form of network to achieve their business goals.

Learning Information Technology Skills Can Help You Build a Bright Future

There are several benefits to information technology as a career path, including the comfort of knowing that the demand for IT professionals is high and will continue to grow. Information technology jobs also offer competitive pay, good hours, and usually include attractive employee benefits.

IT careers are rewarding and challenging and can open your future up to a wide variety of opportunities. For example, entry-level positions in computer networking can provide the opportunity to progress into roles such as Customer Solutions Engineer, Computer Support Specialist, System Administrator, or Network Architect – all jobs that are in demand in 2022 (and some of the highest-paid positions in computer networking).

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