There Is and Will Continue to Be a Shortage of Cloud Computing Experts

Shortage of Cloud Experts?

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The cloud computing field has grown exponentially for the past several years. That might indicate that there are plenty of jobs available in this field, but is that true? Yes! Companies are struggling to fill positions that require cloud computing experts. Why are they having such a hard time filling those positions? Can’t other people with jobs in the tech sector step into these jobs? The short answer is, no.

Major Reason for the Shortage

Working in cloud technology requires a specialized set of skills. Therefore, the reality is that more training is needed. Whether it is for someone who currently holds a tech job or who might be interested in filling a cloud computing role, specific training will need to be completed.

Those who want to change their professional focus and who are ready to become cloud computing experts can sign up for CCI’s new Cloud Technology Administration program.

Some of the cloud computing skills taught in the program:

  • Cloud Security
  • Cloud Deployment and Migration
  • Database Organization
  • Developmental Operations

Obtaining these new skills means that a company has its own cloud computing professional on staff. As a result, the cloud team can develop and create software, facilitate data migration and storage and maintain cloud security. This is extremely valuable to any enterprise.

Top Cloud Providers

If you’re looking at getting certified in cloud computing there are three main providers that are leading the industry. AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

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Fortunately, CCI’s Cloud Technology Administration program offers all three. The program consists of three specialized tracks students can choose from depending on what their interest is. No matter what students will be set up for success in one of the top cloud platforms.

The Shortage Continues

So why is there going to be a continuing need for cloud computing experts?

It is believed that over the next several years, most new startups will use the cloud in their infrastructure. And, most are going to need their own cloud computing experts who can create, manage and protect information the business stores in the cloud.

According to a 2020 survey report, the IT talent shortage is a leading corporate concern, with 86% of respondents believing it will continue to slow down cloud projects (Forbes, 2020).

In conclusion, younger professionals just entering the workforce and getting ready for a new career may want to consider training to be cloud computing experts. In addition, personnel already in the IT field may want to look into switching their professional focus. Now is the time, the jobs are there right now and it appears they will continue to be there for the foreseeable future.

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