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CCI Training is a trusted higher-education partner, helping entrepreneurs and people seeking an entry-level Junior Cloud Engineer (JCE) job explore new and emerging opportunities. We offer advanced online training courses for those looking to move up the technology career ladder. Employers also benefit by providing CCI as a resource for staff and managers who want to harness the power of knowledge to move their organization closer to a lean, efficient machine.
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Our AWS certification program is one example of how you can use cloud technology to drive performance and job opportunities as a Junior Cloud Engineer.

The following will help to answer your questions about what is takes to become a Junior Cloud Engineer and what you can expect from this IT career.

What is the average Junior Cloud Engineer salary?

The nationwide average Junior Cloud Engineer salary is about $68,000 annually, about $34 per hour, according to Zip Recruiter. Overtime may be required in this career. Keep in mind, this position could be a launching pad for more advanced Cloud Engineer careers that pay substantially more. Cloud Directors, Senior AWS Cloud Architects, and Senior Cloud Architects are three future options for those who choose to continue learning as they gain real-world experience.

What are the responsibilities of a Junior Cloud Engineer?

A Junior Cloud Engineer serves as a supporting team member during cloud project implementation. The JCE is typically the first line in the chain, working from the service desk or support channels. Working in this position will be a combination of maintaining, supporting, and monitoring cloud infrastructure.

Junior cloud engineer job responsibilities will vary greatly, depending on whether you chose a career in academia, a medical environment, manufacturing, real state investment, or another sector. Some common duties may include:

  • Supporting migration to a cloud-based system
  • Negotiating with vendors’ servers providers, hardware vendors, backup utility suppliers, etc.
  • Coordinating and scheduling collaborative team efforts
  • Developing and implementation of cloud-based policies
  • Monitoring cloud-stored data and other assets
  • Providing internal and external IT support
  • Evaluating costs and lifecycle of technology assets
  • And, other system and administration support services, as needed

Industry certification requirements necessary to gain Junior Cloud Engineer jobs vary widely, depending on the needs of an organization seeking IT workers. An AWS Practitioner certificate and appropriate systems certificates will be enough to demonstrate your basic competencies.

The AWS certificate is the second set of credentials that demonstrate your commitment to professional growth as the IT field evolves.

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What does a Junior Cloud Engineer do?

The short answer is that they support senior engineers during cloud implementation projects. Daily duties may include:

  • Supporting cloud security teams,
  • Working with AI and machine learning technology,
  • Developing, monitoring, and maintaining databases, and
  • Being an interface for cloud service providers.

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What are the skills required to be a Junior Cloud Engineer?

Naturally, becoming a Junior Cloud Engineer demands exceptional soft skills — strong written, oral, and visual communication capabilities, professionalism, active listening skills, problem-solving and critical thinking skills, and the ability to deliver solutions under pressure, while maintaining calm, team-focused composure.

Successful job candidates will be able to demonstrate technical

competency in Windows Networking and System Administration activities. Companies consider it an advantage if the applicant has a working knowledge of horizontal scaling, self-healing architectures, ephemeral infrastructure and monitoring, and alert design.

Can I become a Junior Cloud Engineer without a degree?

Yes. Most companies will want at least two years of relevant experience working as a system engineer, or in a supporting role to senior-level cloud engineers or system architects. In lieu of a computer science degree, many will accept a Technical IT diploma from a trusted tech school and/or an Amazon Web Services certificate.

Check out our Q&A: AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner blog for more information.

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