Q&A: Google Cloud Certification

As organizations worldwide move to the cloud, it’s become increasingly crucial to provide teams with confidence and the right skills to get the most out of cloud technology, which means the demand for certified Google Cloud professionals will increase more in the future, and there is definitely value in obtaining a Google Cloud certification.
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According to Google’s Cloud website, the price of each Google Cloud certification

How Do I Get Google Cloud Certified?

There are several ways to get certified in the Google Cloud Platform. You can go directly to Google’s Cloud website and register, or you can find a school that has partnered with Google and offers its various certificates. CCI Training Center now offers the Associate Google Cloud Engineer certification, and you can earn it in as little as 27 weeks.

Google Cloud Computer How Much is Google Cloud Certification?

According to Google’s Cloud website, the price of each Google Cloud certification varies, they range from $99 to $200 for the registration fee. However, if students choose to enroll in CCI’s Associate Google Cloud Engineer program track then the registration is included in the tuition.

Which Google Cloud Certification is in High Demand?

There are 9 different Google Cloud certifications with Cloud Digital Leader coming out in June 2021, which will make 10 certifications. GlobalKnowledge.com list the top three certifications that have made a big impact and those are Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect, Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer, and Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer.

Are Google Certifications Worth It?

Google Cloud Certifications Worth it

How Long Does it Take to Get Google Cloud Certified?В 

CCI’s Associate Google Cloud Engineer program track can be completed in as little as 27 weeks. However, how long it takes to get certified is up to you. There are other learning options such as Google’s Cloud Engineer Learning Path, which is self-paced and when you’re ready you take the certification exam.

How Difficult is Google Cloud Certification?

Karlitos Knox said “I took the exam last Thursday, August 23, 2018. I found it to be easier than planned for. My total study time for the exam was about 14 hours.”

John Hanley wrote a whole blog post on this topic. He basically said “this exam is not a walk in the park. You need to know a lot of small details to pass this exam. The exam was medium difficulty.”

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Should I Learn Google Cloud?

As a higher education organization, we believe learning gives you the power to do what you want in life. Life-long learning is always encouraged and should be considered if you want to reach your goals in life.

If you are already an IT professional and are looking to upgrade your skillset or take on a new challenge, then learning about the Google Cloud would be a smart decision. According to Gartner, 81% of organizations are working with two or more public cloud providers, this number is predicted to increase.

If you are looking to start a new career, then earning a Google Cloud certification would be a great career move. As more and more businesses move to the cloud the demand for certified cloud professionals will increase, which means more jobs will be available in this field.

Check out this video about Joy Payton who got certified and became successful

Cloud And Cybersecurity Jobs Are Top Paying

Is Google Cloud the Future?

The Google Cloud Platform works with some of the biggest names in the business such as Twitter, P&G, UPS, and PayPal.

20th Century Fox uses Google Cloud AI and ML to develop scripts, predict box office performance, and power long-term growth.

Google Cloud will only get bigger and offer more services to companies as time goes on. Choosing a career in this field is a smart decision not just for businesses but for potential employees as well. Organizations will need Google Cloud professionals to monitor and operate their cloud services and applications. That Google Cloud professional could be you!

What is the Use of Google Cloud Certification?

Professionals who earn Google Cloud certifications, specifically the Associate Google Cloud Engineer certificate, can compete for jobs with some of the largest companies in the United States and sometimes even the world. According to GlobalKnowledge.com, Google Cloud-certified professionals tend to work for the largest companies, which equates to higher salaries.

Some of the jobs available to Associate Google Cloud Engineer certificate holders:

  • Cloud Help Desk Specialist
  • Cloud Migration Specialist
  • Junior Cloud Engineer
  • Junior Cloud System Support
  • Junior Cloud Administrator

What is Google Cloud and How Does It Work?


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