Q&A: AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification

AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification is widely recognized as a reliable indicator of an individual’s technical skills and knowledge in the cloud computing field.The demand for cloud professionals with AWS skills is increasing, as many organizations are seeking candidates with AWS certification.
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AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification is widely recognized as a reliable indicator of an individual’s technical skills

What is the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification?

AWS certifications like the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner are for professionals who want to validate their technical skills and cloud expertise with the Amazon Web Services platform.

There are four tiers for AWS certifications:

1. Foundational

2. Associate

3. Professional

4. Specialty

Whether you are just starting out and have zero cloud knowledge, there is a certification for you. And, as you gain more knowledge and skills in cloud computing you can prepare and take the exam for the next certification tier.

What is Amazon Cloud?


How Does Amazon Cloud Work?

Amazon cloud works like other cloud service providers. First, the cloud holds data that can be accessed from any device via the internet. Instead of businesses storing their data and having to create room for servers and other hardware, cloud service providers such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft do that for them. Amazon has several remote physical locations that have rows and rows of servers that hold all its clients’ data.

Cloud servers


How Do I Become Amazon Certified?

At both CCI Training Center locations (Dallas & Arlington, Texas), we offer the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, which is one of the tracks in the Cloud Technology Administration program. Participants can earn the AWS certificate in as little as 27 weeks.

Some of the courses include:

IT Fundamentals


Cloud Essentials

AWS Certified Cloud Essentials

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Can I Get AWS Certified Without Experience?

Yes, the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner is part of the Foundational tier, which means it builds your cloud knowledge foundation. You don’t need prior experience, there are no prerequisites to take the course or the exam.

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Is AWS Certification Enough to Get a Job?

Yes, there are plenty of positions that you can get with this certification.

Some of the positions available to program graduates:

Cloud Help Desk Specialist

Junior Cloud Engineer

Junior Cloud System Support

Junior Cloud Administrator

Amazon also hires IT professionals with their certifications. At the time of publication, there were more than 5,000 open jobs for AWS Cloud professionals on Indeed.

Do Amazon Certifications Expire?

AWS certifications are valid for 3 years at which time you will need to recertify.

AWS Certifications Explanation

Are AWS Jobs in Demand?

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification was named one of the 15 Top-Paying IT Certifications in 2020, according to GlobalKnowledge.com. They listed the average salary for someone with this certification as $131,465. In addition, as more and more businesses move their data to the cloud, they are going to need IT professionals with cloud expertise to operate, maintain and troubleshoot those services.


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