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About AWS Certification

The world of cloud computing has witnessed a meteoric rise in the past decade, with Amazon Web Services© (AWS) emerging as a dominant force in the industry. As businesses and organizations globally transition to cloud-based solutions, proficiency in AWS© has become an immensely valuable skill, leading to a surge in the demand for certified AWS professionals. For beginners eager to dive into this field, AWS© offers a structured pathway to gain this expertise through its certification programs. For those just starting out, the AWS© Certified Cloud Practitioner is the ideal starting point. This entry-level certification provides an overview of the AWS© platform, fundamental cloud concepts, and basic security and architecture principles. It’s designed for individuals who wish to showcase their foundational knowledge of AWS© services and the benefits of cloud computing, without diving deeply into technical details. Passing this certification not only equips beginners with the basic knowledge to converse confidently about AWS© but also lays the groundwork for more advanced AWS© certifications in the future.

Benefits to AWS Certification

An AWS© certification can be a significant stepping stone for beginners, providing a path to deepen knowledge, showcase skills, and advance in the rapidly growing field of cloud computing. Here are some benefits to consider:

Increased Marketability: Earning an AWS© certification showcases to employers and clients that you have a certain level of knowledge and expertise in the AWS© platform, thus making you more marketable.

Career Advancement: For many in IT, certifications can open doors to new job roles, promotions, or increased responsibilities within a current position.

Industry Recognition: AWS© is a leading cloud service provider, and having a certification from a well-recognized entity establishes a benchmark in one’s professional profile.

Competitive Advantage: In job interviews and discussions, being AWS©-certified gives candidates an edge over others who might not have any formal cloud certification.


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What Jobs Can I Get with AWS Certification?

Earning an AWS© certification demonstrates a foundational understanding of Amazon Web Services’ cloud computing platform. For beginners with an AWS© certification, here are some jobs they might be considered for:

AWS© Cloud Practitioner: This is an entry-level role where the individual may help businesses understand how to best utilize AWS© services. The role could involve explaining AWS© concepts to non-technical stakeholders, assisting with basic AWS© configurations, or supporting sales teams in promoting AWS© solutions.

Junior Cloud Engineer: In this role, a beginner will work closely with more experienced cloud engineers to manage, maintain, and deploy services on the AWS© platform. They may assist with configuring virtual servers, storage solutions, or monitoring cloud resources.

AWS© Support Associate: Working either for AWS directly or for companies that utilize AWS© services, support associates help troubleshoot issues, respond to customer inquiries, and ensure the smooth operation of cloud services.

Junior Cloud Consultant: For businesses looking to transition to or optimize their use of the cloud, consultants provide insights and recommendations. A junior consultant would typically work under more experienced professionals, assisting in assessments and helping clients make informed decisions about AWS© services.


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