Why Employers Are Willing to Pay for IT Career Development Classes

You keep hearing that technology drives the economy. Online job search platforms list pages of tech jobs promising career development and advancement opportunities for people in Dallas with the right computer training, IT certifications and experience.
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As the digital landscape evolves and customer preferences change, employers are recognizing that employee training is an investment that offers both financial rewards and intrinsic value to the organization.

The ideal world for employers would include an abundance of job candidates with the precise skill sets needed competing for limited positions. In reality, the highly-qualified applicant pool is shrinking even as technology’s role in business operations expands.

Of the companies who applied for recognition by Training Magazine as an organization that excelled at employee development in 2015, the mean training budget was almost 6 percent of payroll, yielding a mean training savings of 10 percent.

As the digital information technology training evolves and customer preferences change, employers recognize that employee training is an investment that offers both financial benefits and intrinsic value to the company.

Whether that investment came in the form of self-guided online learning, virtual instructor supported coursework, tuition reimbursement for computer training at a local technical school or in traditional classroom settings, the payoff appears to be the same — higher retention rates, improved performance and the achievement of key corporate goals and objectives.

“Learning was of two kinds: the one being the things we learned and knew, and the other being the training that taught us how to find out what we did not know?” ― George Clason, The Richest Man in Babylon

George Clason wrote about accumulating wealth with a focus on achieving goals in small incremental steps. Applying this same approach to employee recruiting and retention plans by offering computer school and in-house training programs is paying off for business leaders.

Employers are willing to pay for a computer training program and in-house learning programs when job candidates share their passion. Company leaders understand that the workload is easier and projects more manageable when you have well-supported employees on the job.

A job candidate with experience working in varied industries and for companies of all sizes, who lacks significant advanced computer training, may still be the perfect fit for a company willing to invest in additional training to fill specific knowledge gaps. After all, in a tech-driven, rapidly changing world, acquiring new knowledge is an ongoing process.

For example, Amazon.com is looking for team members who are forward-thinking, who have a passion for invention, and who support operational excellence.

Through the Amazon Career Choice Program, hourly employees have access to advanced computer training and coursework to acquire in-demand job skills for the future. The company pre-pays 95% of tuition, textbooks and other fees, so employees can focus on their studies and not the cost of career development. The company also offers extensive training before starting a job and additional customer service training for work-from-home staff members.

The company also offers extensive training before starting work and additional customer service training for home-based staff.

IT Certification Adds Value to the Resume

Knowledge empowers worker to deliver exceptional customer service. Knowledge (technical skills) enhances agility and adaptability. Knowledge gained in small increments leads to higher wages, job security, and personal and professional growth.

“This is the process by which wealth is accumulated; first in small sums, then in larger ones as a man learns and becomes more capable.” — George Clason

It is important to realize that certifications demonstrate a certain skill-set, but employers want assurance holders can apply knowledge gained through computer training, and not just pass the exam. CompTIA’s A+ or Network+, Microsoft and Linux certifications will get you in the door for the interview, but you must also be exceptional communicators, passionate about their career goals and dedicated to team success as well.

From a job candidate’s perspective, gaining IT certifications through computer training classes is worth considering. A recent study found that industry certifications can increase salary by 7.6 percent. More than half of employers polled (55 percent) are willing to pay for certification today, so it is worth asking the HR department which certifications are most valuable and how to access company benefits for advanced computer training.

Employers are willing to pay for computer school coursework because investing in workers makes sense financially, and it strengthens the organization as a whole. Employers are looking for passion, consistency, focus and soft skills such as superior communication techniques and business acumen. The best approach to landing a tech-driven job, and possibly accessing paid tuition benefits, in any industry to create a learning path for a career you’re passionate about.

Steps to Creating a Learning Path

Following these four simple steps to create your own personal learning path.

  • Define your dream career. (Hint: computer jobs aren’t just in the IT sector. The top 125 companies that excel at employee training span all industries from real estate and banking to retail, health and wellness and hospitality.)
  • Identify knowledge gaps. Try to identify the major skill sets employers in your area are looking for. Read about the local employment market. Talk to people you know. Try to get an appointment with the local employment agencies so you can ask questions.
  • Draft a career development plan. This step is where you find out what certificates and computer school courses are in demand in your chosen field. Make a list of computer and general business classes to close knowledge gaps and add value to your resume.
  • Treat yourself like the success you will become. Stay the course. Each small step puts you closer to higher wages and a career you’ll love.

CCI Training offers a broad range of computer training classes and certification prep courses to help you achieve your career goals. Get started today by contacting an admissions counselor for help creating your personal learning path.

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