CompTIA Network+


CompTIA Network+ Certification

The Network+ course provides an entry-level path for a solid foundation in IT networking. You will need this foundation to move on to the next level in the industry. Many of the other IT courses need this foundation as a prerequisite.

In the IT industry, when you have this knowledge and certification on your resume, it’s a quick way to give employers an understanding of your skill level.

You can complete the course in just a few weeks. From there, you can take the required CompTIA exam with confidence and then go on to your next class.

Again, after you have successfully completed your class at CCI, be sure to prepare for industry certification as well. The best time to prepare for certification is right after the completion of a course.

Flexible Class Schedules

This class is hands-on and the schedule is flexible to accommodate working adults and those with other responsibilities. As an example, an entry-level career in the IT industry can start with a CompTIA A+ and Network+ combined.

Students complete their work online. 

Coursework is completed under the supervision of a qualified and experienced instructor. Instructors are available to provide lecture and support in class as well as remote support while students work on their online coursework


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What is Covered in the CompTIA Network+ Course?

This course is an introduction to networking technology and terminology.

Students learn how to do the planning, implementation, and optimization of Local Area Networks (LAN)Wide Area Networks (WAN) are discussed, and the differences between LANs and WANs are reviewed. Students learn and practice connecting network components, and discuss LAN/Internet administration, and perform user support and network troubleshooting task

CompTIA Network+ Jobs in Dallas & Arlington

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states there are 188,740 Network Support Technicians in the U.S. In addition to the following position samples, many of the job listings related to our IT courses are posted on sites like IndeedGlassdoor, and Career Builder:

  • Desktop Support Tech
  • Helpdesk Support Tech
  • Network Technician

Why Choose CCI?

CCI provides you hands-on training and guides you to secure suitable employment
Flexible online courses under the direct supervision of an instructor in small classes is what sets CCI apart. This allows adult students to go back to school and keep their other family and work obligations. Year-round courses mean students can start the program in any month, not a set spring or fall semester.

CCI Training Center is proud to have completed 40 years in service.