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How to Make the Most Out of Your Externship

An externship is far more than something you simply check off from a list of requirements. It is an opportunity to learn a lot, make valuable connections, and get a head start when you enter the job market. Here are five tips for impressing your coworkers and supervisor(s), learning the skills you need, and making […]

Administrative V. Clinical V. Medical Assistant Specialists Career Options You Need to Know

Medical Assistants in Arlington and across the country provide a valuable service and help healthcare professionals, including physicians, promote positive treatment outcomes for patients and more.   According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook, demand for Medical Assistants is expected to be among the fastest-growing positions in the health industry through […]

How Learning Phlebotomy Can Take Your Medical Career to the Next Level

Phlebotomy, or drawing blood, is a crucial skill in hospitals or other medical settings. Doctors and nurses require patient blood samples to make a variety of critical medical decisions, to figure out what blood type to use in a transfusion, and to run necessary tests. Blood may also be drawn to store for transfusions, or […]

The Science and Simplicity Behind Medical Terminology

Have you ever wondered how medical practitioners effortlessly use those extensive medical terms? Have you ever wondered where they even came from? For those of you who work in the medical field as Health Information specialist, Pharmacy Technicians, or a Health care assistant in Weight Management then Medical Terminology may seem complex and difficult to […]

Spotlight on Certified Medical Assistants: At the Front Line of Patient Care

Healthcare isn’t just about finding cures or making people better when they get sick. It is also about prevention— limiting the long-term risks to your health. When we think of frontline clinical staff, we think of the physicians, surgeons, nurses, and paramedics who provide medical attention to patients, both in emergencies and day-to-day.