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Women Entering Information Technology: A Career Choice You Won’t Regret

When we think of Information Technology and computing, we think of the people behind the professions. Let’s face it, Information Technology, also known as IT, is a male-dominated world. Although, it doesn’t have to be. Women can be a valuable addition to this field for many reasons. From everything to diversity, subsidizing benefits, to creating […]

Why Should You Get a Sterile Compounding and Aseptic Certification?

Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians should obtain certification in sterile compounding and aseptic practices to ensure patient safety by consistently providing products free from infectious and/or dangerous pathogens. Learning all facets of the sterile compounding process supplies patients with exclusive medications that may not be readily available while aseptic skills help maintain pathogen-free environments.

Medical & Health Care Career Training

  CCI Training Center offers several health care career programs that are designed for working-class adults, including those with families, limited financial resources and time constraints. These programs teach students how to fulfill vital, supportive roles in the health care industry and offer excellent opportunities for career advancement.

Tips for a Successful Salary Negotiation

You’ve found a job opportunity and finally begin the interview process. You will be faced with many difficult and sometimes unnerving questions during that process. Perhaps one of the toughest questions you’ll be faced with will be, “What are your salary expectations?” The slippery slope of salary negotiation is a challenging one, but like the […]