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Microsoft Server Administration Certification

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Microsoft Server Administration Certification Training

Whether you are just starting out, are looking to start a new career, or want to advance in your IT career, CCI Training Center’s Microsoft Server Administration has you covered. Offered 100% online, students will receive the training needed to hit the ground running in their new IT career.

Microsoft has always been a powerhouse in the IT industry, and that doesn’t look like it’s going to change anytime soon. Investing in Microsoft certification is a smart move if you’re looking for a career in the information technology industry.

CCI Training Center’s Track Microsoft Server Administration track provides you with the skills and knowledge employers need in their organizations.

This track also covers IT fundamentals such as computer and desktop support, IT network support, and the basics of IT Security.

Microsoft Server Administration courses include:

Knowledge in these areas will help give you an advantage in the IT career field and can make you a more appealing candidate to potential employers.

Network Intermediate (Network+)

This course is an introduction to networking technology and terminology. Students will learn how to do the planning, implementation, and optimization of Local Area Networks (LAN). Wide Area Networks (WAN) are discussed and the differences between LANs and WANs are reviewed. In addition, course participants will practice connecting network components, discuss LAN/Internet administration, and perform user support and network troubleshooting tasks.

Microsoft Server Fundamentals

If you’ve ever been curious about the tech giant Microsoft then this is a great course to get you started. Firstly, students in this course will get an understanding of the basics of Microsoft Server 2016 administration functions and learn the concepts of the server installation. Secondly, the course will provide instruction on the various server roles and how the active directory is used to create those roles.

In addition, this class will also teach students how storage is allocated in the Microsoft server environment. Finally, students will learn server performance management tactics and strategies and how to maintain the Microsoft server.

Networking with Microsoft Server

Students enrolled in this course will get an introduction to networking in Microsoft Server 2016 environments. Participants will learn how to install and configure DNS Servers and how to create and configure DNS Zones and Records.

Additionally, this course will teach students about the concepts of DNS policies and how to configure DNS Policies and DNSSEC. Finally, the students will learn how to install and configure the Microsoft Servers 2016 DHCP Server.

This is a great course for those who want to get their hands on equipment and learn well through practical training.

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Career Development

This track is about getting the fundamentals right because these will serve as the building blocks to a successful career in information technology.

Once those are practiced and mastered, students can start shifting their focus to career planning.

The career development course is offered in all tracks and helps students become career-ready once they have completed their respective CCI Training Center program.

In this course, students learn skills such as interviewing and resume writing, which are crucial when searching for a new career in any field including Information Technology.

In the current climate of video and phone interviews, CCI Training Center provides several resources outside of the career development course to make sure you have all the tools you need to succeed.

IT Jobs Available to Program Graduates

As a CCI Training Center graduate you will have access to our career services department both as a student, after graduation, and beyond. Additionally, you can receive assistance in seeking and securing employment.

The current growth in the Computer and Network Administration field promises not only employment potential but also an opportunity to advance in the industry.

Some jobs that CCI graduates of the Microsoft Server Administration track can apply for include: 

  • Windows System Administrator
  • Operating System Administrator
  • Network Technician
  • Desktop Support Tech
  • Windows Server Specialist
  • Helpdesk Support Tech
  • System Administrator
  • Domain Controller Administrator
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Why Choose CCI Training Center?

CCI Training Center has been providing exceptional certification training in a professional learning environment for over 35 years.

Students are guided every step of the way to complete their program and are prepared to pass industry certifications. We provide quality online IT training for anyone looking to start a new career in the fast-growing IT industry or for those looking to add new skills for possible career advancement.

Your journey with CCI Training Center doesn’t end after you graduate. Our Career Services professionals continue to assist graduates in seeking and securing a place of employment after graduation and beyond. All alumni benefit from this life-long career assistance at no additional cost

In addition, students may retake classes at no extra tuition fee. All these things and more make CCI Training Center the best choice for you!

To get started or call us at (800) 777-3939 or click below to begin the application process and get started on your new IT career today! 

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