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Careers in IT are booming and companies are in need of qualified and well-trained candidates to fill critical positions. CCI Training Center, located in both Dallas and Arlington, is here to help fill that demand. CCI certifies driven and passionate students through online IT certification classes.

This track will guide students through subjects essential to starting a career in Cisco networking, routing, and switching. The program includes lecture and lab hours in each of the previously mentioned subject matter. It also includes preparation to get you ready for the related certification exam.

Participants can earn their Cisco Networking certification in only a few months!

Different IT careers require different knowledge, skills and IT certifications. Track I starts with foundational courses that teach students the basics of desktop and network support. Then the program moves to track specific courses that involve mastering skills such as how to install and support network routers and switches.

Track I: Desktop Support with Cisco Network Administration courses include:

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IT Fundamentals

This course is a great place to start if you are thinking about starting a career in an IT field such as Cisco Networking. Participants will explore different hardware, software, and networking concepts. They will learn about software development, databases, security concepts and best practices. Finally, to prepare for real-world scenarios, students will learn how to provide computer support and troubleshoot common computer issues.

IT Security Fundamentals

This course will help students gain the knowledge and skills needed to start supporting network security in an organization. It teaches future IT professionals how to identify security threats and respond, as well as recover from security incidents.

Read more about how IT Security is still a rising concern in the IT industry. And for more information about IT Security Fundamentals visit our Track III page.

CompTIA A+ 1001 & 1002

CompTIA A+ is for professionals looking to start a career in computer desktop/network support positions. A+ is a performance-based certification. It supports the ability to connect users to the data they need to do their jobs regardless of the devices being used.

This course is designed to give students the necessary competencies of an IT professional in a corporate environment. It was developed for students entering the IT career field and teaches the fundamentals of networking, operating systems and mobile computing devices.

It is the preferred qualifying credential for technical support and IT operational roles and can help launch your future career in Cisco Networking. lists A+ related jobs and their average yearly salaries:

  • Support specialist – $54,500
  • Field service technician – $46,000
  • Desktop support analyst – $60,000
  • Help desk tier 2 support – $45,000

Want to know more about CompTIA A+ Certification? Here’s a short video to explain why you should take this career-launching course.

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Cisco CCNA 200-301 Volume I

Volume I introduces students to routers. It teaches the basic skills necessary to configure Cisco switches and routers in multi-protocol inter-networks. Students will learn and apply the fundamentals of interconnecting Cisco network devices.

Cisco CCNA 200-301 Volume II

Volume II provides students with practical knowledge to identify the Cisco product that best meets the WAN connection requirements. Participants will assemble and configure Cisco equipment to establish appropriate WAN network connections. They will enable protocols and technologies that allow traffic flow between each site and implement quality-of-service capabilities and access-control measures.

Both Cisco CCNA Volume I & II courses provide practical hands-on training in both a friendly and professional educational environment.

Cisco Networking Jobs Available to Program Graduates

As a CCI Training Center graduate you will have access to the career services department. There you can receive assistance in seeking and securing employment.

The current growth in the Computer and Network Administration field promises not only employment potential but also opportunity to advance in the industry. Hands-on training and industry certifications make you more attractive to prospective employers.

Some jobs that CCI graduate students can compete for are:

Why Choose CCI Training Center?

CCI Training Center has been providing exceptional hands-on training in a professional learning environment for 35 years in the Dallas-Fort Worth region. Students are guided every step of the way to complete their program and are prepared to pass industry certifications. This premier IT school provides quality IT training for those looking to start a new career in this fast-growing industry or for those looking to add new skills for possible promotions.

CCI Training Center doesn’t just get certifications in the hands of students, they do more. Upon graduation their Career Services department assist graduates in seeking and securing a place of employment.

In addition, students may retake classes at no extra tuition fee. Similarly, all alumni benefit from life-long career assistance at no additional cost. That’s what makes CCI Training Center the best choice for you! Click here to get started or call us: Dallas (972) 846-8796 or Arlington (817) 668-3556.

Get Trained…Get Certified…Get the Job!

Investing in yourself and your career is one of the smartest investments you will ever make. And no one will work harder for you than you. To help you get started learn more about the financial aid options available to those who qualify.

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