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What Pharmacy Technicians Do

Pharmacy techs are crucial in healthcare. They assist pharmacists in giving out meds and taking care of patients. They work in places like stores, hospitals, and homes. Their main job is to make sure people get the right meds safely.

pharmacy technician training to work in doctor's office

Main Duties and Responsibilities

Giving Out Meds: Pharmacy techs help pharmacists by giving out meds. They count and measure them, label the bottles, and pack them for people.

Managing Meds: They handle the stock of meds. This includes ordering them, organizing shelves, and checking if any meds are too old.

Handling Prescriptions: Pharmacy techs get and handle prescription orders. They put the info in the computer and check insurance details.

Helping People: Pharmacy techs talk to patients and healthcare providers. They answer calls, help with med questions, and talk about over-the-counter meds.

Mixing Meds: In some places, techs mix meds following specific rules and amounts.

Recording Patient Info: Pharmacy techs keep private records about patients. They update profiles, note allergies, and write down prescription details.

Following Rules: Pharmacy techs follow laws and rules about giving out meds. They handle controlled substances right and keep the workplace clean.

Working with Healthcare Pros: Pharmacy techs work with a healthcare team. They help with med therapy and support counseling sessions.


Where Pharmacy Technicians Work

Pharmacy techs can work in different places, including:

Stores: Most work in stores, helping pharmacists fill prescriptions, talk to customers, and manage stock.

Hospitals: Many work in hospitals, preparing and giving out meds to patients. They might also make sterile meds for injection.

Homes: Pharmacy techs are needed in long-term care places, like nursing homes, to help with meds. They work with healthcare pros to manage meds.

Mail Delivery: Some work in places that send meds to people’s homes. They handle orders, pack meds, and manage stock.

Pharmaceutical Companies: Techs can also work for drug companies, doing research, making drugs, or checking quality.


How to Become a Pharmacy Technician

To be a pharmacy tech is like a beautiful adventure with a price.

Finish High School: You need a diploma or equivalent.

Join a Training Program: Consider joining a program to learn. These last a few months to a year. You’ll learn about laws, safety, math, and how pharmacies work.

Get Hands-On Learning: Some programs let you work in a pharmacy. This helps you learn by doing.

Optional Certification: You don’t always need this, but it can help. There are exams from groups like PTCB and NHA.

Licensing: Some states ask for a license. This might need a check and a state test.

Update Resume and Apply: Once done, update your resume and look for jobs.

Practice for Interviews: Be ready to talk about your learning and skills in interviews.


How to Get Certified as a Pharmacy Technician

You can get certified, but you don’t always need to. PTCB and NHA offer certification exams. Here are some of the steps:

Check Requirements: Look at what you need, like a diploma or finishing a training program.

Study for the Exam: Learn about pharmacy laws, safety, and how pharmacies work. Use resources like books, online courses, and practice exams.

Schedule and Take the Exam: When ready, set a date. Exams are usually on a computer with multiple-choice questions. Pass, and you get certified.

Keep Certification Updated: It’s valid for a few years. Renew by doing more learning or retaking the exam.


Salary and Job Outlook of a Pharmacy Technician

Pay varies based on experience, location, and where you work. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) says the median yearly wage was $34,020 in 2020.

It’s good. BLS predicts a 4 percent job growth from 2019 to 2029. This is because more people need meds, research is growing, and healthcare is expanding.


Final Thoughts

Pharmacy techs are crucial in healthcare. They work in different places and need a diploma or training. Certification is optional, but it helps. Pay varies, but the job outlook is good. If interested, check training programs and get the skills for a rewarding career.

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