Study your way up the career ladder

"What's the point of studying if I've already got a job?" you might ask. But, the real question you should ask yourself is "Do I want a career or just a job?".
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Study your way up the career ladder

A short training program is a perfect way to add to your skillset. This can help you not only progress in your existing job, but it can also be of benefit if you want to change industries. The skills taught in business and accounting courses are not just relevant to those seeking entry-level careers in a new industry. If you have the groundwork of experience in retail, hospitality, logistics, or administration, then business and accounting experience could give your career the edge it needs.

short training program is a perfect way to add to your skillset

For example, you might work in a sales position at a retail store. You can improve your chances for promotion within the company by completing an online program that provides a foundation in business and accounting principles. By learning how to manage a business (including inventory, accounts, and everything else that goes into its day-to-day running), you can prove that you are ready for career positions, such as management, stock control, or purchasing.

If you decide you want to move away from retail, your newly acquired business management training, combined with the customer service and problem-solving skills you learned on-the-job, will be suitable for just about any industry you come across. You could apply your skills to front desk or call center positions, or equally, find yourself comfortable in any administrative position. Furthermore, your unique combination of talents will allow you to take advantage of the emerging ‘gig economy,’ or even open your own business.

Here are five attributes that you gain with business management training that can help you move up the company ladder.


Courses that provide you with the tools needed to set up your own business, also offer insight to equip you to serve at other companies. By studying the basics of how businesses operate, you will be able to show any company or small business owner that you are willing to treat their enterprise as your own.

Understand the numbers

Most employees accept money from customers and place it in the cash register, then forget about it. But the financial systems of a business are complex, and it takes a lot of knowledge to ensure the bills and staff are paid on time and government regulations are complied with and, at the same time, also ensure that there is still a profit at the end of the week for the owners to live on. There’s a lot of people relying on the positive cash flow of any business. If you have an understanding of financial procedures, and an ability to handle basic accounting tasks, you will be able to prove your ability to take on those responsibilities for your current employer. If you are ready to go out on your own or want to earn some additional cash in a ‘side gig,’ then an understanding of your financial responsibilities, and knowing how to meet them, will prove invaluable.

Management potential

Successfully completing business management courses proves to your employer that you have management potential. You can think creatively to solve problems that their business may face, and demonstrate your dedication to coming up with solutions. It gives you confidence in your decisions and ideas, knowing they are based on a thorough understanding of business procedures. It shows you know the basics. When combined with your existing knowledge of the firm, you have the tools to advance into management roles.

Motivated to learn

There’s nothing worse than an employee who is stuck in the same old rut, unable to adapt to new systems, constantly whining about how things should be done better, but never providing suggestions to solve the problems. Your employer will appreciate if you show the initiative to undertake further education in order to increase your skillset. Not only will you bring your new skills to work with you, but you will also bring the same motivation used to learn at night school or online. It is this drive that will have you trying to learn everything about their business.

Additional responsibilities

The great thing about online or night classes is that you can add to your credentials while continuing to meet your work and family commitments. But, just because you do study on your own time, doesn’t mean the process of studying isn’t useful for your career. The act of learning, itself, sends a clear sign. By giving up your own time to improve your skillset and chances at career progression, you are demonstrating to your employer that you are ready to take on additional responsibilities, and willing to make the sacrifices necessary to achieve your goals.

While it might seem that studying is for the young or unemployed, anyone can benefit from adding to their skills. Starting today, devote a few hours of your time each week. Soon, you will be moving swiftly up the career ladder of your choosing.

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Joseph Weber

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