Can You Picture Yourself as Tomorrow’s Healthcare Hero?

There has been a lot of talk in the news about our "Healthcare Heroes" over the past two years. Can you picture yourself becoming part of that healthcare team? Have you been searching for a stable career that does not require a degree, that offers a good salary, and provides opportunities for upward mobility? If so, then Medical Billing and Coding might be a career path to consider. If you have ever considered becoming a medical professional, the time to act is now!
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What Does a Medical Biller and Coder Do?

There are many job duties that can fall under the medical billing and coding and medical administrative assistant job descriptions, depending on the position you apply for. These duties may include:

  • Patient registration
  • Electronic Health Records management
  • Data entry (medical documentation)
  • Coding for services and disease
  • Submitting insurance claims
  • Management of outstanding claims and bills
  • Preauthorizations/precertifications
  • Handling rejected claims
  • Communicating with patients/insurance companies
  • Payments and collections
  • Reviewing medical documents
  • Medical record audits
  • Scheduling
  • Referrals

Is Medical Billing and Coding a Sound Career Choice?

  • #12 in “Best Healthcare Support Jobs,” and was also listed on the “Top 100 Best Jobs for 2021.” (Lewis, Jessica L., ‘2021 Best Jobs,’ U.S. News & World Report.)
  • The AAPC ranks careers in medical billing and coding such as: medical administrative assistants, medical billers, medical coders, and medical record auditors among the “Top 9 Best Career Options in Healthcare.” (AAPC, 9 Best Career Options in HealthcareAugust, 28, 2021.
  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates “8% employment growth rate over the next 10 years” [for Health Information Technology careers].

This is largely due to the increasing numbers of our aging population here in the U.S. as well as more Americans obtaining health insurance through the Affordable Care Act. The influx of patients due to these factors has increased the demand for medical coding and billing professionals.

How Long Does It Take to Complete a Medical Billing and Coding Program?

Medical billing and coding specialists can access a wide range of exciting, high-demand employment opportunities. This is an excellent career path for people with a high school diploma who are looking to pursue a new career at any stage in life.

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CCI Training Center’s career training programs are comprehensively focused on professional career skills and most take approximately 32 weeks to complete, and certification is included in tuition costs.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that job prospects for Medical Records and Health Information Technicians will expand 8% by 2029. (The average growth rate for all occupations is 4%.)

medical billing and coding specialist working in a doctor's office

How Much Do Medical Billing and Coding Specialists Earn in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area?

While salaries can vary widely, below is data from that outlines the earning potential for Medical Billing and Coding Specialists in the Dallas & Fort Worth regions:

medical billing and coding salaries dallas texas TX
medical billing and coding salaries fort worth texas TX

Benefits of Selecting CCI Training Center:

  • Quick: CCI’s training program is an accelerated course. Students can complete the program in just 8 short months and be on their way to an exciting career!
  • Convenience and Flexibility: Our program is 100% online and offers 24/7 access to training materials. This is an optimal learning environment for students who have busy lives. It provides flexibility for those balancing work, family, and other obligations.
  • Student Support Services: Even though the coursework is 100% online, faculty and staff are always available to assist students via phone, virtual meeting, email, or even in person on campus to answer questions, provide tutoring, or assist with technical or other issues that arise.
  • Quality of Instruction: Instruction is delivered via live lecture, simulation software, case studies, and real-world scenarios designed to equip students with the knowledge and essential skills to transition successfully into entry level employment in the healthcare industry.
  • Certification Preparation: CCI’s program will prepare students for certification (included in tuition).
  • Career Services: Career Services offers resume building, job search assistance, and interview techniques to assist graduates in job placement.
  • Affordable: we offer several financial aid options that can help you fund your career training.
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Carey Maceira

An accomplished leader in the allied health career education sector, Carey enjoys managing career education programs, teaching, and mentoring adult students. Her success in working in the field drives her to go above and beyond each and every day.

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