How Cloud Computing Will Change The Industry

Cloud computing is revolutionizing the IT industry. Every year an increasing number of businesses are recognizing the value of cloud-based servers and systems. As virtually all companies undergo this shift, jobs and roles will be forced to change.
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The shift from in-house IT departments to IT full-service companies

Before the advent of the cloud, IT departments were responsible for maintaining a company’s entire computer system. This meant troubleshooting when problems arose, updating programs when needed, installing new software, and securing the company’s data.

As IT technology increasingly becomes dominated by the cloud computing industry, more companies are beginning to use remote IT teams. In addition, organizations are beginning to downsize, or in some cases completely eliminating, their in-house IT teams. This helps the company save money while also maintaining its technological capabilities.

These changes have created a shift from IT workers being employed by individual companies to being employed by IT firms.

Programs delivered as services

IT professionals must adapt as the cloud computing industry offers companies greater flexibility in their software and program use. Additionally, when they access the cloud, companies will no longer have to buy the programs individually. Instead, they will be able to purchase the programs through the cloud services and pay for only the amount of software they actually need.

Cloud-based services are scalable, which means that companies can expand as they grow or decrease their usage as they see fit. This will change the pay models the companies will encounter. In conclusion, the IT field must reflect these changes to remain profitable.

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Changes in job roles

IT professionals who remain working for businesses will find their in-house job descriptions increasingly changing. They will no longer be responsible for running the IT department themselves. Instead, they will be serving more as the intermediary between the remote IT company and the business itself. Additionally, they will be responsible for tasks such as helping employees access their company’s cloud servers and data.

There is, and will continue to be, a shortage of cloud computing experts.

Leveling the playing field regardless of company size

Before the cloud computing industry took off, it was a challenge for smaller businesses and companies to keep up with the technological demands of their industries.

These businesses did not have the resources to afford a large IT department, therefore they probably had to do a considerable amount of updating and troubleshooting themselves.

entry level IT jobs

Cloud companies offer businesses the opportunity to scale their access to software according to their need so having a fully equipped IT department is now more affordable and accessible than ever. Those who work in IT will need to familiarize themselves with the needs of these companies and be able to help them get ahead. In addition, those who are in a position to help these smaller businesses will find themselves in high demand.

As the cloud computing industry continues to become an increasingly important part of the technology sector, those who work in IT will find their jobs changing to meet these new demands. Professionals who remain updated on the latest in their fields will be the ones ready to succeed in this changing market and equipped to help businesses of all sizes move forward in the digital age.

Always changing, always evolving

Cloud computing is just one aspect of cloud technology. For companies to stay ahead of the game they need to embrace this change.

Additionally, IT professionals should take a look at their skillset and ensure they are ready to take on these challenges. CCI Training Center offers cloud computing courses as part of the Cloud Computing Technician Training program. Now is the time to learn all about the cloud and make yourself desirable to potential employers.


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