Are certified Pharmacy Techs still in demand in the Dallas Fort Worth job market?

In this time of high unemployment and fickle job markets it can be difficult, if not unnerving, to determine what career path to choose and what geographical job market is the most stable. While as a whole the national job market seems quite tenuous, there are some shining stars out there and one is the Big Star State itself, Texas. The Dallas – Fort Worth job market, like most of Texas, has enjoyed incredible job growth in recent years that is expected to not only continue but increase over the long term.
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Northern Texas, including the Dallas – Fort Worth area, has excelled in new jobs and the number of jobs with 88,300 new jobs added over a twelve month period from May 2013 to May 2014. This put it at number one for the area with a 4.1 percent increase. With the healthcare industry enjoying similar growth, jobs like pharmacy technicians, nurses and x-ray technicians are also on the increase.

Certified pharmacy technician jobs are a rapidly growing sector of the job market nationwide according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. By 2022 it is expected to experience a phenomenal 20 percent rate of growth, making it one of the fastest growing industries in healthcare and in overall careers. This means that during that time 70,700 new pharmacy tech jobs will open us and need to be filled by qualified, trained technicians.

The growing demand can be linked, at least in part, to the aging baby boomer population. As the generation ages it is logical to conclude that they will be taking more prescription medications. Prescription medications as a whole are increasing as more drugs are being approved and more Americans are being prescribed these medications by their doctors. The entire pharmacy sector is experiencing tremendous growth so it stands to reason that the demand for pharmacy techs will continue to rise.

On the U.S. News’ list, Best Health Care Jobs, pharmacy technician jobs rated number 36. It can be a demanding job, but with a median salary range of $29,320 and upper salaries reaching $35,810 or greater, this field is proving very attractive to job seekers. Industry professionals report above average upward mobility for those aspiring to more prestigious positions and greater pay. The job flexibility also receives high marks while real pharmacy technicians report the job is not as stressful as one may imagine. It does involve working on a daily basis with people who have varying degrees of illness so compassion and sensitivity is a must.

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The pharmacy technician who has taken the time and care to receive a certification in the field will definitely have an edge over non-certified pharmacy techs. Certification programs provide students with the training necessary to walk right into a pharmacy tech job and immediately become an asset to the organization. A certification says that the job seeker is professional, skilled and trained so the company does not have to put money into training an unskilled, untrained technician making it a better financial decision to hire certified pharmacy tech.

CCI Training Center offers pharmacy tech certification classes that will prepare students for the competitive, demanding job market in Dallas – Fort Worth and beyond. As the market continues to grow and evolve, students should look for certifications that adjust for the changing needs whether they choose an online degree program or opt for a classroom setting. With the projected growth of the healthcare industry in Northern Texas, the job market will be opening up even more making more jobs available. CCI students will be there, ready to accept the challenges ahead.

Source, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

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