Dallas Fort Worth Unemployed Career Training Program

Accelerated Career Training Classes To Assist The Unemployed in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Arlington Texas

Today, many unemployed workers are discovering that their work experience and existing skill sets do not match the available job openings in the current job market. This skills mismatch can make it difficult for those who are unemployed to find new jobs. To address this issue, CCI Training Center offers accelerated training programs designed to help the unemployed train for new careers and find jobs faster. CCI Training Center prepares students to successfully pursue professional careers in a variety of rewarding professions, including:

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As a CCI Training Center student, you’ll receive dedicated career services support including resume writing, job interview skills, networking, and job search assistance.

If you’re interested in learning more or ready to take the next step, call us at 800-777-3939.

CCI Training Center is proud to have completed 40 years in service.