Benefits of a Hybrid Program

Have you heard of hybrid learning programs? Hybrid education programs, also known as blended programs, involves a highly effective combination of classroom and online training that provides a lot of flexibility while maximizing classroom time.
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CCI Training Center now offers a new 2-and-2 Program, a hybrid education format that allows students to attend classes on campus twice a week and complete coursework at home the other two days. Course materials are available online 24/7, so you can improve your skills anywhere, at any time.

Benefits of a Hybrid Program

While pure distance (online) learning is both extremely flexible and effective, there are skills that are best presented by an instructor in person, and students often learn best by collaborating with fellow students.

While the main benefit of a blended program is a flexible schedule that also allows in-person instruction from your instructor in the classroom, there are other benefits that a blended program has over pure distance (or pure classroom) learning.

  • A sense of connection with teachers and other students combined with greater autonomy the rest of the time.
  • Increased technical skills resulting from face-to-face instruction.
  • Better opportunities to engage with resources and course material compared to distance learning alone.
  • Decreased commute time and related gas cost savings.
  • Increased student engagement compared to distance only learning.

Is a Blended Program Right For You?

If you work or have other daily scheduling obligations that restrict your classroom time but would like to carry a substantial course load or complete your training as quickly as possible, a hybrid education program might be the answer.

Blended learning formats vary, but all of them offer similar benefits and flexibility. Most offer aВ  percentage of classroom and online work that works best for the student and the courses involved. For example, a student who wants to learn Powerpoint and Excel can take advantage of CCI Training Center’s 2-and-2 Program to enroll in either the entire workshop or individual courses.

Not sure a hybrid learning program is right for you? There are a few inherent challenges that come along with a blended training program, but if you can say yes to most of these, there’s a good chance it’s a great fit for you:

  • Are you self-motivated with a strong will to succeed?
  • Can you be disciplined enough to complete your online coursework without guidance?
  • Do you have a reliable computer with internet access?
  • Are you equipped with basic computer skills, such as word processing programs, Internet browsers, and email?
  • Do you have the writing skills to complete online coursework?
  • Will you be able to attend the scheduled classes on campus?

There is no need to dismiss your education and training just because you have other life commitments. If you think hybrid courses might work for you, contact CCI Training Center today. Our friendly, helpful team will help put you on the path to success!

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Martin Zandi

A committed leader in the career education industry, Martin enjoys working with the community and colleagues in further improvement and expansion of education programs to improve outcomes.

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