What is a Microsoft Office Specialist Certification?

What is a Microsoft Office Specialist Certification?

Training for a MOS Certification

Microsoft Office (now called Microsoft 365) is one of the most widely used platforms in the world and proficiency in Microsoft Office’s suite of products is a fundamental need for most entry-level positions. Certification as a MOS Specialist gives you the proficiency you need to stand out in a pool of candidates and land a competitive and higher-paying job. 

Candidates who are trained in Microsoft’s most popular applications, including Word, Excel, Project, Outlook, and PowerPoint, put themselves at a significant advantage over other candidates who do not possess these key skills. 

Even if you use Microsoft products like Word or Excel on a regular basis to type letters or create a basic spreadsheet, there is a lot more to these applications when it comes to how they are used in business. 

What is Required to Take MOS Certification Courses?

MOS Certification courses are available to anyone with a high school diploma or equivalent. It helps if you have basic computer skills like how to use a mouse, how to access the internet, and how to use Microsoft’s operating system to perform basic functions.  

You can train for the MOS certification even if you do not have experience in Microsoft applications. 

Benefits of a Microsoft Office Specialist Certification

Improved Appeal as a Candidate: Nearly 80% of employers and recruiters seek candidates with experience in Microsoft Office. By becoming certified as a MOS, prospective employers can verify your expertise and it indicates to them you are motivated and dedicated to success in an office environment.  

Improved Career Prospects: Because Microsoft is such a widely used platform in the business community, by becoming certified as a MOS you open a broader pool of potential careers across a wide variety of industries and positions. A MOS certification is especially helpful in making your candidacy stand out for entry-level positions.  

Increased Earning Potential: In a survey done by Microsoft in 2017, nearly one-third of those with a MOS certificate experienced a pay raise post-certification. Starting salaries for those certified as a MOS can also be higher as employers do not need to invest time and expense in Microsoft training.  

Career Advancement Potential: Getting a MOS certification can also provide the opportunity for advancement in your current career.  

Improved Organization and Presentation Skills: nearly every business position requires the ability to organize files (Word), work with data (Excel), and create professional-looking charts (PowerPoint). MOS certification gives you the proficiency you need to perform these functions.  

Increased Productivity: Fluency in the Microsoft suite of products makes you a more productive employee and increases your value to employers. 85% of supervisors say Office Specialists are more productive because of their MOS certification (Source: Certiport).  

Positions You Can Get with a MOS Certification

A MOS certification is beneficial for any position, at any level of an organization. For people seeking an entry-level position, this certification creates broader job prospects from the outset of your job search.

Some examples of positions available to those with a MOS certification include:  

MOS certification positions
  • Administrative Assistant 
  • Executive Assistant 
  • Database Specialist  
  • Project Coordinator 
  • Research Analyst  
  • IT Support Technician 
MOS certification demonstrates to prospective or existing employers that you possess the knowledge and skills needed to be a productive, proficient employee in today’s work environment.   It can be the competitive edge you need to secure an office job or advance in your current career.  

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