Weight Management Training DFW

Weight Management Training DFW

Weight Management & Healthcare Training

When you enroll in CCI Training Center’s medical assistant training in DFW, we teach the skills you need to join the fight against obesity. An estimated 36.5% of Americans are classified as obese and that translates to huge healthcare costs – in 2008, the cost of obesity sat around $147 billion. Training in weight management empowers medical assistants to reverse this trend by providing advice and strategies to encourage healthier diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices in patients.

As part of CCI Training’s Medical Assistant program in Dallas and Arlington, you will learn the skills you need to assist patients with weight management and change their lives for the better. What’s more, being able to provide patients with sound, evidence-based advice on weight loss or gain to improve their health will make you a valuable employee.

Beyond that, another benefit of is the range of careers it could lead to if you choose to undertake additional training:

  • Weight management counselor
  • Fitness instructor
  • Nutritionist
  • Registered dietitian
  • Obesity prevention coordinator

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