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Financial Aid Q&A Topics

Financial Aid Q&A

1.) What kind of financial aid do you have for students?
Financial Aid comes in two forms, grants and loans. The grants can be explained as you normally would as they apply to what course, county, and TWC office, OR you can migrate them to Don for explanation. The loans can be explained by saying, “Don is our financial aid person and he can show you several different payment plans for you to choose from. He will be able to find you student loans regardless of your income or your credit. Student loans ARE available. He can show you how to get the best terms possible. You can use a cosigner to improve on the terms, two signers are better than one, or you can do it completely on your own.

2.) Do the loan payments start during school, or can I graduate first, and then start making the payments?
The first payment date is part of the terms of the loans and each loan package is a little different. Yes, some do have payments that start as much as a year from now but others start while your still in school. Don can show you the difference in the plans and help you pick the best one for you.

3.) I already have a student loan from another school. Would I be able to get another one from your school?
Yes. The loans you already have do not prohibit you from getting a loan to come to CCI.

4.) I have terrible credit. CCI wouldn’t be able to find me a loan.
Most of our students have been without jobs for some time, they have gotten behind on their bills, and their credit has gotten dinged up. But this is not like trying to get a loan at Best Buy on a big screen TV. These are student loans, based on your future income, loans that can change your life and your dreams. We WILL be able to find you a loan because student loans are available while others loans may not be.

5.) What does it take to apply for a loan?
Just fill out this loan information worksheet, email it, fax it, or bring it in. Our financial aid representative will take a day or so to process it and then call you with some loan options for you to look at. He WILL find you at least one loan to come to school here.

6.) I don’t have any money and am up to my ears in debt. I can’t have any more loans.
This just requires migrating them to Don to see if he can probe them and find a way that the school can be paid for, i.e. employer tuition reimbursement, church scholarships, veterans administration stipends, family unity gifts, etc.

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