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Build the Dream & Qualify Your Candidate

Build the Dream & Qualify Your Candidate

The following questions are ideas to keep in mind as you qualify your candidates and explain the importance of career education. (These questions and items are not in any order.)

  1. What do you see in your future?
  2. What do you want to see in your future?
  3. What do you think it takes to get there?
  4. What are you willing to do to get there?
  5. Did you know that some employers look for certifications when they review resumes before they look for 4 year college degree?
  6. When you compare your current resume with what the local employers are looking for what difference do you see?
  7. Many people do not know that accelerated training is a viable option. They think they need to go to school for years not for months.
  8. Many people we talk to do not know that accelerated career education programs can be accredited and do qualify for federal financial aid.
  9. Everybody else out there has financial challenges these days. Let’s first talk about where you want to go. If you did not worry about finances for one minute, what plans and goals would you set to improve your future employability? . … …………Let us see if there is a program to match your goal. Once we know that we can help you see how to get there…. We are talking about getting information so you can make better decisions.
  10. Take advantage of the expertise career education specialists and training coordinators have. Then make up your mind as to what you should do.
  11. This is all about preparing you for a new career.
  12. We help you focus on success!
  13. Most people who are seeking to make a change do it by focusing on job security and making career related investment. The investment will pay off if you choose the right school and the right program.
  14. Before we talk about our financial aid services we want to know if you can see yourself going to school regularly and on time! Study every day! Do you think you can do it?
  15. Do you have the support of your family? What do you think your family is willing to do to help you with your new career?
  16. Sometimes we need help to arrive at a decision. And of course going to school is an important decision. What friends, relatives, or family members would you want to tell that you visited CCI and talked about a career change? … How many individuals come to mind? … How many people around you would want to see you succeed… rather than worried?
  17. Can you see how accelerated career education can help you get to where you want to go?
  18. Time is Money! Can you afford to wait? How much is a few months of your time worth?
  19. Let’s talk about how this will most likely be ONE OF THE BEST INVESTMENTS IN YOUR LIFE!
  20. Remember you have to choose the right school and the right program to protect your investment.
  21. Many students are determined to let the new job pay for their student loan. The game plan would be to get job- trained, to get a good job, and then make money. Once you make money then you start paying back on the loan.
  22. You have to have time to go to school. And you have to have confidence. You have to study. Once you can make all that commitment then someone in the financial aid department can show you your options. How do you feel about all that?
  23. Many of the students are repaying the loan at a rate of $ 90.00 per month. The federal department of Education website is a good source for you to go to for information. I think they have a calculator to help you estimate you monthly payments. Do you think you can set some of the money you make to pay the loan back?
  24. Many of our students intend to repay the loan early so they wouldn’t have to pay that interest rate year after year. That indeed is a good option. You can pay off the loan early with no penalty or you can continue with the low monthly payments.
  25. How does having a career make you feel? What does it provide for you?
  26. What benefits will you gain from making this change?
  27. What do you think will be your biggest challenge?
  28. What could happen if you don’t pursue your goals?
  29. Our Career Services department works with students individually to help tailor a career plan and a job search strategy.. Important factors to consider are location, work hours, type of work environment, your goals for future increases and advancement. Which of these factors are most important to you?
  30. Today’s job market has changed when compared to previous years. Our Career Services staff will make sure you understand the current market. Our connections with employers combined with our proven strategy for preparing students have been key factors in making our graduates successful.
  31. It’s difficult getting a job without guidance. What type of guidance would you like to have?

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