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A Tire Kicker is Not a Bad Prospect

A Tire Kicker is Not a Bad Prospect

When you go shopping, do you usually have buying in mind? Of course you do! Why else would you be looking around if you weren’t at least somewhat interested in making a purchase? When the sales clerk approaches you and says, “can I help you?” you sometimes decline help because you don’t know how they can help you, but you still are interested in buying, right? If they had approached you with a question that required a different answer other than, “I’m just looking” would that have made a difference? Probably.

It’s the same with our prospective students. When they say they just came in for information, it’s a great thing! They are telling you they are trying to find out what they should do to improve their situation. They know they need something and they are taking the steps to make it hapВ¬pen. You should welcome them just as well. Try to figure out how to take them from looking around to making a decision.

Instead of asking, “may I help you” try something like:

  1. “I can tell your research is important to you. What do you look for in a training program?” Or
  2. “it’s always important to find what works best for you. How do you best learn new information?” Or,
  3. “Looking around is an important first step. What steps do you see yourself taking to reach your career goals?”

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