Pharmacy Technician Labs

CCI’s Pharmacy Tech Labs

Pharmacy Technician LabsWhen you study at CCI Training Center, you won’t just sit in classes listening to teachers lecture you. Each program involves a practical component, to ensure CCI’s graduates not only have the qualifications you need for your career: you will also have the experience employers want too.

According to Pharmacy Technician student Samaria Johnson, the lab experience allowed her to make an educated choice about her career path.

“I chose the Pharmacy Technician Program at CCI Training because my child was always on different medications and I wanted to know what was going in her body,” Ms. Johnson said.

“Now I want to find a position in the pharmaceutical compounding field. Actually making the medicine from scratch is so cool!”

According to Pharmacy Technician Instructor Rodney Blount, the labs give students a chance to use the tools of their new trade in a practical environment.

“In the Pharmaceutical Compounding Certification course we show the students how to prepare the medication by using the raw ingredients,” Mr Blount said.

When you study pharmaceutical compounding you will use lab time to learn and practice how to use capsules, creams, medicated lollipops, solutions, coloring/flavoring and PLO gels to create medicines, exactly as would occur in a compounding pharmacy or a hospital.

The Sterile Product Certification course also provides a lab component, with students getting practical experience in calculating and manipulating supplies, such as needles, fillers and syringes.

“As part of the IV Sterile Product course lab work, I show the students how to mix medications into an intravenous fluid bag within a hospital setting,” Mr Blount said.

You will use this practical experience in pharmaceutical compounding and aseptic techniques regularly if you take on a position as a pharmacy technician in a hospital.

“I spend a lot of time providing hands-on preparation for the students’ future career,” Mr Blount said.

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