Pharmacology Training

Pharmacology Training

Pharmacology Training in DFW

Training for healthcare certifications with CCI Training Center involves a wide-ranging education in topics relevant to your future healthcare career. One of the subjects future medical assistant and pharmacy technicians need to understand is pharmacology.

Pharmacology is a branch of the biological sciences that examines the way drugs act on the body. Pharmacology examines the two-way interactions between these substances and our bodies. When these interactions yield a medicinal effect, the drug in question is defined as a pharmaceutical.

The broadest goal of pharmacology is to understand the properties of various drugs, but this is just the first step. Pharmacology also seeks to understand different classes of drugs, their therapeutic uses, societal roles different drugs play, and the mechanisms by which they act on the body.

Pharmacological knowledge is very important for medical assistants and pharmacy technicians. It’s essential to understand the effects and risks of different pharmaceuticals and drug combinations when administering or dispensing medicine for patients.

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