Medical Terminology

Medical Terminology

Medical Terminology Course in Dallas & Arlington

At CCI Training Center, we include training in medical terminology for all our medical assistant and health information specialist students. You’ll learn all the common root words, suffixes, and prefixes of the vocabulary used in medical settings along with the medical terms learned relate primarily to physiology, anatomy, and pathological conditions.

Why is Medical Terminology important for your healthcare career?

It’s important for everyone in a healthcare facility to understand medical terminology for the following reasons:

  • It allows everyone s to communicate efficiently in one language.
  • If some members of staff keep having to reach for a medical dictionary when asked to do something it will create delays in situations where speed is often essential.
  • Not understand medical terms can lead to all kinds of mistakes from administering the wrong medication to ordering the wrong set of tests for a patient.
  • Common abbreviations of medical terms are used in patient records. This helps doctors and nurses write quickly and efficiently in the records so that they can be onto the next patient. As such, you need to be able to understand these abbreviations to read these records and apply the correct diagnosis and procedural codes.
  • For medical assistants and health information specialists just starting their career in healthcare, understanding medical terminology is a great asset. Employers are much more likely to hire someone who has already trained in medical terms, as this will save their organization time and resources, allowing you to integrate with the team faster.

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