Medical Law and Ethics

Medical Law and Ethics

Medical Law and Ethics training in DFW

At CCI Training Center our training for medical assistant, pharmacy technician and health information specialist certifications include education about medical law and medical ethics. From privacy laws to dereliction of duty to issues concerning access to healthcare, end-of-life care, and allocation of scarce resources, ethical and legal issues frequently arise in healthcare.

The most important reason for learning about medical law and ethics is to ensure patients receive proper care and that their rights are protected. But employers also want medical assistants, pharmacy technicians, and health information specialists to understand medical law and ethics to protect themselves and their business. A key principle of medical law is respondeat superior – ‘let the master answer’ – which means that if an employee violates the rights of a patient, it is their employer who will be answerable.

Under the HIPAA Privacy Rule all individually identifiable health information must be protected vigilantly. There are strict rules about the circumstances in which such information can be shared and how, which all health information specialists need to understand and follow.

As well as legal requirements there are also codes of ethics that those working in healthcare must adhere to. As well as the national medical code of ethics formulated by the American Medical Association (AMA), there are specific state guidelines, as well as codes laid out by various industry associations.

You can learn all this and more in CCI Training Center’s allied healthcare training programs in Arlington and Dallas.

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