CCI Career Training Programs | Dallas TX Medical Coding & Billing Graduate Testimonial

roleneI started the Medical Billing and Coding back in January of this year, and I came in the program with an open mind, but not expecting to get nearly as much knowledge as I have. I am so blessed to have chosen CCI because of various reasons that I have noticed just being in the program. For one, I love love love all of the instructors that I have had to teach me because not only are the classes small enough to get direct one on one attention when you need help, but also the instructors are well educated and experienced in the Medical Coding and Billing field. Some have been in the field for 15+ years, so any question I ever ran into was answered without a doubt and to their full capabilities.
I am so impressed with CCI and I would and will recommend this school to anyone. I am on my way to not having just a job, but a CAREER and I have CCI to thank. So, with much gratitude and appreciation, thank you to everyone here for contributing to my success!

Arlington Medical Coding and Billing Graduate – Rolene Richardson – CCI Career Training Center

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