Latonja Bagby

Medical Coding & Billing Career Training Program Graduate Testimonial Dallas Tx

testimonials_150x150__0007_LatonjaBagbyI am the mother of four beautiful children and until just recently I worked a full time job and was forced to support a family of five on an $ 8.00 an hour income. I hated my job, and every day that I went to work was a miserable experience for me. I knew that in order for me to move forward a provide a better life for myself and my children, I needed a new career, and that’s when I found CCI.

It was a challenging experience working full time, supporting 4 children and going back to school after 18yrs. However, the instructors at CCI were very patient, and always went the extra mile to make sure that I understood the lesson being taught. I found the instructors to be very interesting, they brought more than text book knowledge to the class but experience too. The school not only offered courses that were needed for medical billing and coding but they offered courses that would prepared me for the work environment and update me on what employers were looking for when interviewing perspective employees.

After completing my externship hours I immediately started interviewing. A month after being out of school I was employed. I am now being supervised by a former CCI student who has only been out of school 1 year. I am glad that I made the decision to enroll in school after 18 yrs and I would like to thank the staff and CCI for my accomplishments.

Dallas Medical Coding and Billing Graduate – Latonja Bagby – CCI Career Training Center

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