Dallas Health Information Specialist Graduate Testimonial

Carla-WeatherfordFor all those considering furthering their education:

For many years, I wanted to continue my education and have a career that was not just a job that paid the bills. I was never really able to decide what exactly it was that I wanted to do. Through the years, I got married, raised a family and went through many trials and tribulations. Life experiences taught me about my weaknesses and most importantly about my strengths. One day when I was at a crossroads in my career path, I sat down listed my strengths and the things that I like to do. I then I asked myself what things in life inspire passion and the determination within me.

After much thought, consideration and hours of researching my options, I came to the decision to go back to school. Once that decision was made, I then began my hunt for the perfect school for me. My search led me to CCI Training Center in Dallas, TX. In my research I found that CCI has high accreditation with the department of education, and offered the exact field of study that I wanted without the filler education. The program I selected was the Health Information Specialist or HIS for short. I choose CCI Training Center for many reasons other than just the excellent reputation that they have. The Dallas Campus is the perfect size to accommodate that intimate feeling of one on one and group studies. Nurturing an atmosphere of family, the staff was always there to challenge and encourage each person to strive for more and better one’s self.

My decision to enroll at CCI Training Center has been the best choice I have made in many years. The program was challenging and rewarding. During my educational process, I met many people both students and staff that taught me many things that no text book could teach. This allowed me to take with me the knowledge and skills that are required to be successful in my career.

I must give a special recognition to the Staff at CCI. I noticed on a daily basis how each staff member would go above and beyond their duties to provide a successful outcome for each student.

To Kristin Hawthorne, you are simply amazing. My greatest inspiration and a wonderful source of humor and challenges! I give much respect and admiration to you.

Carla Weatherford – CCI Career Training Center Health Information Specialist Graduate

CCI Training Center is proud to have completed 40 years in service.