CPR Certification

CPR Certification in Dallas & Arlington

Demand for employees who are certified to perform cardiovascular resuscitation (CPR) is growing throughout the U.S. as the need for skilled auxiliary medical staff grows. CCI Training Center’s Medical Assistant, Pharmacy Technician, or Health Information Specialist programs include CPR certification with the American Heart Association (AHA).

The AHA was founded in 1923 and is dedicated to fighting heart disease and stroke. They do this by funding innovative research, promoting stronger public health policies, and through education, training, and tools to save and improve lives. As industry leaders in CPR training, the AHA can provide one of the few nationally recognized CPR certifications.

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Training and certification in CPR is essential for anyone who wants to begin a healthcare career. Employers generally require CPR certification for all medical assistants. As this role involves provision of medical care, it’s important employees are prepared for an emergency. The training is also recommended for pharmacy technicians and health information specialists, as these roles still involve a higher than usual chance of a medical emergency arising.

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