Microsoft Azure Certification

About Microsoft Azure Certification

Companies utilize cloud technology for a multitude of key business functions and they depend on industry-leading cloud software such as Microsoft Azure© to provide those services. Having a certification in the Microsoft Azure© cloud platform can open several doors for you in the IT cloud career field. CCI Training Center’s Cloud Computing Technician Training Program prepares students for entry-level IT positions working for employers that use this cloud-based service.

Benefits to a Microsoft Azure Certification

Microsoft Azure© certification offers numerous benefits, especially for beginners. Here are five notable benefits:

  • Skill Validation: Achieving a Microsoft Azure© certification verifies that the individual possesses the knowledge and skills necessary to manage and administer Azure© solutions. For beginners, this validation can be instrumental in distinguishing them from non-certified professionals.
  • Career Opportunities: Organizations are rapidly moving their infrastructure and applications to the cloud. As a result, there’s a growing demand for cloud professionals. Having an Azure© certification on a resume can open the door to various job roles, such as cloud architect, cloud administrator, and cloud developer, to name a few.
  • Professional Growth: Acquiring a certification isn’t just about showcasing one’s skills to potential employers. The process of preparing for the certification exam ensures that beginners gain a deeper and broader understanding of the Azure© platform, which contributes significantly to their professional growth.
  • Financial Rewards: Certified professionals often enjoy higher salaries than their non-certified counterparts. In the realm of cloud computing, Azure-certified professionals may be able to leverage their certification to negotiate better compensation packages.
microsoft azure certification
  • Competitive Advantage: In a saturated job market, having an Azure certification gives beginners a leg up against competitors. It signifies to potential employers that the individual has taken proactive steps to understand and master the Azure cloud platform.

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What Jobs Can I Get with Microsoft Azure Certification?

A Microsoft Azure© certification is a step forward in securing a position related to cloud computing. Here are some jobs that beginners with a Microsoft Azure© certification may be considered for:

  • Azure© Cloud Administrator: In this role, you’ll be responsible for setting up, configuring, and monitoring cloud resources on the Azure© platform. Tasks may include provisioning virtual machines, setting up cloud networks, managing storage solutions, and monitoring the health and performance of Azure© resources.

  • Azure© Technical Support Specialist: Companies that adopt Azure© as their cloud platform often need support specialists to assist with issues, guide users, and troubleshoot problems. A beginner with an Azure© certification can start in a support role, helping clients or internal teams navigate Azure© services.

  • Azure© Sales Specialist or Cloud Solution Consultant: For those with strong communication skills and a passion for technology, sales or consultancy roles for Azure© services can be a great fit. Here, you’d be responsible for understanding client needs and suggesting appropriate Azure© solutions.

  • Azure© Security Specialist (Junior): With a growing focus on cloud security, a beginner can start by helping more experienced security professionals ensure that Azure© deployments follow best practices for security and compliance. Tasks might include setting up security monitoring, reviewing security alerts, or configuring firewalls.


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