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Accelerated Online Career Training Programs & Fast-Track Certifications

Cloud Essentials


Three Week Training Course for the CompTIA Cloud Essentials CLO-002 Exam

Students learn the cloud principles and how cloud solutions are designed. Students also learn how network and storage solutions are used in the cloud.

This course teaches students about why organizations need to put their users and applications in the cloud and how cloud management and technical operations are configured for common cloud solutions.

This course teaches students about governance and risks associated with cloud deployments, cloud compliance and security, and all parts of cloud essentials.

This certification is an effective way to give prospective employers an understanding of your skill level. You are demonstrating your commitment to this field, and that you can hit the ground running and save employers time and expense on training.

You can complete this course in just a few weeks.

From there, you can take the required Cloud Essentials CompTIA exam with confidence and then go on to your next class. After you have successfully completed your class at CCI, be sure to prepare for industry certification as well. The best time to prepare for certification is right after the completion of a course.

Flexible Schedules

This course is a foundation for cloud computing, which includes all the cloud essentials. This hands-on class has a flexible schedule to accommodate working adults and those with other responsibilities.

Students complete their work online under the supervision of a qualified and experienced instructor. Instructors with real-world IT experience are available to provide lectures and support while students work on their online coursework.

What to Expect from the CompTIA Cloud Essentials Course

The course is designed for students to learn the fundamental concepts of cloud computing and its place in a modern enterprise.

Students learn:

  • to differentiate the types of cloud solutions and the adoption measures needed for each
  • the technical challenges and the mitigation measures involved in cloud computing
  • how to identify the steps to successfully adopt cloud services
  • how to identify potential risks involved in cloud computing and the risk mitigation measures.
  • how to identify potential cost considerations for the implementation of the cloud and its strategic benefits.

What CompTIA Cloud Jobs Are Available?

The United States has a booming IT economy, and while IT jobs are plentiful, getting certified puts you ahead of other non-certified candidates seeking these in-demand positions.

Many of the following job listings related to our IT courses are posted on sites like Indeed, Glassdoor, and Career Builder:

  • Cloud Associates
  • Cloud Administrator
  • IT Infrastructure Support
  • Cloud Business Associates
  • Cloud Specialist
  • Helpdesk Support Tech
  • Network Technician