Why I.T. Certifications Matter

In the ever-evolving world of information technology, IT professionals must continually update their skills and knowledge to remain valuable assets in the industry. One effective way to demonstrate expertise and stay ahead of the curve is by obtaining relevant IT certifications. IT certifications can differentiate an individual from other professionals in the field of information technology, and they also show expertise and commitment to the profession.
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information technology, IT professionals must continually update their skills and knowledge

Proof Positive

Laptop and diplomaStated plainly, earning a certification is proof of your knowledge, skills, and commitment to your chosen profession. You have put in the time, great effort and ultimately passed the test. It is a clear indication that you have taken your training seriously and that you completed certification requirements. While you may already have skills from prior training or those you’re learned on the job, a certification verifies your credibility, and that’s why certifications, especially IT ones, matter.

First Impressions

Employers look for certifications when hiring IT employees. Human resource managers want to save time and reduce the number of unqualified resumes they receive. They want to fill their open positions with qualified candidates and certification provides them with credible evidence that you have the knowledge and skills they are seeking.

Companies seek certified candidates for several reasons. Managers are more comfortable hiring candidates that have not only been trained but tested. They have confidence that the candidate will not only be able to apply their knowledge and skills to their new job faster, but because the IT industry changes so quickly, they also have the candidate with the most up-to-date technical knowledge for the position.

Employers also look for certified candidates to uplift the credentials of their organizations. Having certified employees may allow them to work with clients and customers who want to work only with other certified professionals. In some cases, this allows companies a better standing from where to negotiate with clients and customers.

As an added benefit to your potential employer, some certifications will allow you to access website portal information, networking groups, special offers, and update developments; this could mean less future involvement and expense for your company.

5 IT Certifications That Can Help Launch Your Tech Career

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Certifications Can Provide Even More Benefits

Personal achievement: You’ve trained hard and saw your commitment through to the end—you have much to be proud of. You are armed with the latest technical knowledge and ready to get started!

Potential earnings: Certified candidates often earn higher salaries than those who are not certified.

Job capabilities: Your training will give you the skills to hit the ground running in your new position.

Professional growth: Having earned a certification, you may be more likely to be considered for promotion than someone who is not certified.

Why Choose CCI?

CCI Training offers a variety of accelerated training programs in Computer Network and Administration, where you can train to be certified in CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network +, CCENT (Cisco Certified Entry Technician), CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate), CompTIA Security+, or MCTS (Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist).

CCI Training Center has over 30 years of experience in delivering hands-on, exceptional training, with flexible schedules to meet your busy lifestyle. For more information, email CCI or contact a career development specialist at 214-763-9889 (Dallas, TX) or 817-592-9399 (Arlington, TX).


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