Press Release for Training Scholorships

DALLAS, TX (April 29, 2014)—Workforce Solutions Greater Dallas announced today that they will be offering training scholarships for unemployed, underemployed or still looking for that first job in the Dallas area.
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Workforce Solutions Greater Dallas to Offer Training Scholarships Immediately for Demand Jobs in the Metroplex

According to theU.S. Congress Joint Economic Committee, with almost five unemployed workers for every job opening, the economy is not yet creating enough jobs to make a significant reduction in unemployment. Yet employers report that they are having difficulty finding skilled workers for key positions, despite the high ratio of unemployed workers to job openings. Helping workers build new skills and search more effectively for positions that are a good match for their skillset can help to address the mismatch.

The Workforce Investment Act (WIA) offers many training options for jobs ranging from welding to IT services. Training scholarships from Workforce Solutions Greater Dallas provide assistance for job seekers to learn new and enhanced skills necessary to advance in the workforce. WFSDallas would like to make an investment in the Dallasites looking for employment.canstockphoto7430730

Workforce Solutions Greater Dallas has resources online that list eligible training providers for this program. From short-term training to longer higher education options, there are hundreds of courses from which to choose. This includes federal programs, online only programs and certifications to help boost an existing career path.

Training starts immediately. Assessment sessions are held every Tuesday/Thursday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at all WFSDallas workforce centers throughout Dallas County. Seats are limited! For workforce center locations, please visit or call 214-624-7490.

Auxiliary aids are available upon request for individuals with disabilities. Federal eligibility requirements do apply. Applicants must be 18 years or older.

About Workforce Solutions Greater Dallas (WFSDallas):

Workforce Solutions Greater Dallas is the local organization mandated to implement a system of services that complement economic development – as a resource for employers to access the quality employees they need, and training individuals to be successfully employed.

WFSDallas administers a broad range of programs to address local workforce issues with business-directed objectives, including job training, workplace education, child care and educational initiatives to provide the necessary support for every citizen of Greater Dallas to be successful at work.

WFSDallas is nationally recognized for Business Excellence in Workplace Flexibility by the US Chamber of Commerce. Workforce Solutions Greater Dallas is an Equal Opportunity Employer/Program.

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Martin Zandi

A committed leader in the career education industry, Martin enjoys working with the community and colleagues in further improvement and expansion of education programs to improve outcomes.

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