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Medical Assisting Program FAQ

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Medical Assisting Program FAQs

Medical assistants perform a variety of roles, including administrative roles, clinical roles, or support in specialized medicine.

Depending on experience, certification(s) or individual preference, medical assistants may work in a doctor’s office, a clinic, care centers, medical labs, or in a hospital setting.

Medical Assisting can also be a springboard to other healthcare careers, like nursing. 

There are many opportunities in Medical Assisting.

Most require proper education and certification. Some involve direct patient contact while other opportunities may not require direct patient contact. 

Yes, the Medical Assisting program is primarily delivered online. But some courses, especially clinical courses, require some in-person clinical training. CCI Training provides hybrid training to fulfill clinical requirements. 

Physician assistants must have proper four-year college degree and in most cases a master’s degree while medical assistant positions require schooling and proper certification but do not require a four-year degree. Among other differences, Physician Assistants may see patients and write prescriptions but under the supervision of a licensed M.D. while medical assistants provide care to patients and assist doctors and nurses, and complete administrative duties related to the patient.

You must consult with the organization that provided you with the credential. But in most cases, they do not expire. However, you and your employer would want you to continue with additional continuing education courses to stay current with the industry.